i ache and its been a long day, caught my foot in a dip of the path, then my other foot slipped as one of my saddle's broke. So had to buy some new saddles, which caused my feet to ache. Missed the bus, so had to get the next one, thankfully still caught the next bus. Later on went to get on the bus, caught my foot on the curb, so ended up falling onto the bus step. Starting to get a nice bruise on my side.

Does anyone else with Raynaud's, have problems with their coordination or is scatty and appear to be not with it. its probably just me and not connected to Raynaud's.

At least the sun has come out. This may sound odd and totally random but does anyone else with raynauds have narrow feet, and if so wear do you buy your shoes, as i find it hard to find any.

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  • I run into things all the time! And I trip over nothing, in my case I think it is that I get dizzy very easy now. Not sure if it is caused by the Raynaud's, Scleroderma or the mountain of meds I take for the above lol So no you are not alone, hope things dont get to bruised.

  • I think I am clumsier than I used to be although I don't think it is necessarily condition related - I seem to be terrible walking in my work shoes which have quite low heels. I am always going over on my ankles. It's a good job I don't wear high heels - I might have to crawl to work!!! :-)

  • I am very clumsy, scatty, lack of concentration and slow I put it all down to the everything.... the condition, medication and fatique !!!! You are not alone .....

  • I tend to forget what I am saying in the middle of a sentence, but I put it down to age! I have always been clumsy, but it may well be a combination of factors. I do get very tired, though.

  • Hi Rosemerry - I also forget what I am saying and also when I am tired my hubby says I make up words and become jibberish - must have made up my own kind of language hahaha x

  • Hi there, sounds familiar. I think sometimes I talk dysllexic, if there is such a thing.. Perhaps gibberish is a better description!

  • Hi thank you least i know that i am not the only one, is there anyone else scatty like me?

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