Just diagnosed officially - Heated gloves on the NHS? What are they like?

I've had Raynaud's for aaaaaaaaaaaages but I finally saw a Rheumy who officially diagnosed me and sent me off to orthotics to get measured up for heated gloves - I'm curious as to what NHS heated gloves are like? Do they have a long battery life? Are they massive??? Are they good?!

Is there anything I can ask for, for feet?

I also got diagnosed with Erythromelalgia (mild thankfully) but only because it happened in my appointment - does anyone else around here have both?!

(I also have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Dysautonomia so my Raynaud's is secondary)

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  • Years ago I had electric gloves on the NHS and only used them a few times. They were warm but I already have reduced feeling in my fingers and with the gloves on I couldn't do anything. I prefer the silver gloves with mycoal pads in. They allow more movement. But you may like them. It is personal.

  • Hi Blueberry, I was supplied with the electric gloves a few years ago. They keep your hands lovely and warm, but they are something that you wouldn't wear for your best friends wedding lol.......best of luck....

  • Hello, I had heated gloves and socks many, many years ago. Heat was supplied by a rechargable bulky battery pack worn round the waist, with wires down your sleeves and trousers. They did the job, but often stopped working and had to be returned for repair. As the previous person said, not pretty to look at and as far as I can remember the gloves were a bit bulky for driving. I understood that they were no longer available, perhaps they have come back on the market. I am due next month for a follow up, must remember to ask about them. Please keep me informed. Best of luck.

  • My problem is my feet, to the point have asked them to be amputated or nerves cut out. Not heard about NHS heated socks. Good luck though with them, better than nothing for you. Wishing you well.

  • i didnt get on with the heated gloves at all,i bought leather gloves and took the lining out,my hand warm up better that way ,i also tried the silver gloves and socks but my hands/feet go into a spasm as soon as i put them on ?.with socks i have ordinary cotton socks ready on the radiator ( when its cold) and change a couple of times in the evening.no cure but helps me a bit

  • Thanks guys! I am a bit worried they might be very cumbersome, the battery pack around the waist does not sound like something I'm going to like if they still do that! I don't want to be wandering around with bits of wires sticking out hehehe. I already have to wear braces on my joints for the EDS lol. I'd tie myself in a knot!! I'm a bit worried the heating element will set off my erythromelalgia - as even touching a hot cup of tea at the moment is turning my hands bright red and inflamed. Then as soon as they get cold, the Raynaud's kicks in :\

    I already have a vast glove and sock collection - my best result so far is with silk inner gloves/socks with thinsulate gloves/walking socks over the top.

    I haven't tried the silver gloves - they sound really strange! I don't like the sound of spasming! I get lots of muscle spasms as it is :(

    Apparently the gloves will be ready next week for me to pick up so I will report back!

  • I'm not too sure about the NHS gloves. I recently purchased some with lithium batteries which are farinfrared heat rather than normal heat which is apparently better for circulation. These heated gloves were from an online store called Firzone. They seem to do the job and the heat lasts a long time

  • Hello, have you got the NHS heated gloves yet? Verdict?

  • No! Despite saying it would be a week and I could pick them up.... I guess I will have to phone!!!

  • I'm looking at Back on Track ceramic coated polyester gloves. Has anyone tried those? My experience with the electric glove wasn't great. they were warm, but I couldn't keep them plugged in, and the battery pack was heavy.

  • I don't think I'm ever getting mine anyway! Lol. *Rolls eyes*

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