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I take nifedipine to help with Raynaud's - which it does- but I get headaches. Reluctant to stop nifedipine because it helps. Does anyone else get headaches? and if so what do they take for headache? Thanks.

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I too got bad headaches, i was changed to the slow release one, which was much better, but then it was discontinued! I found the headaches too bad to tolerate, as i also got dizzy as well

foxglove in reply to pinkcat26

A case of the usual trial and error I suppose!

Hi Foxglove,

There are alternate calcium channel blockers. So if the headaches persist you could discuss with your Rheumy/ Nurse about alternatives.

I take Diltiazem in slow release form. I am tolerating it well without any noticeable side effects.

I'm not sure why they choose one over another. I was prescribed for pulmonary vasospasms - Raynaud's in the lungs.

Sarah x

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I was taking Nifedipine & also Sildenfal. It was always a struggle to source Nifedipine as it was always out of stock. After a few weeks without it when I did restart I found I couldn't tolerate it through headache's & feeling muzzy. I talked to my consultant & she increased my Sildenafil to 3 x 25mg tablets daily. It worked for me with no issues.Talk to your consultant to see what alternatives are appropriate for you.

Thank headache today --so perhaps caused by something else or I'm getting used to nifedipine, touch wood

Verily in reply to foxglove

Hi there I took nifedipine and I also suffered with headache and dizziness this turned out to be high blood pressure, it might be worth your while to invest in a blood pressure machine, just a thought. Take care 😁

foxglove in reply to Verily

Thanks for your concern and advice, dr. has asked me to keep a check on BP which I'm doing. Have got a moinitor

Hi like the others here I found Nifedipine excellent but had to stop as pharmacy couldn't source it. Switched to amlodipine a bit less effective a lot fewer side effects - I've a happy medium mild rays but no side effects and guaranteed tablets every month.

foxglove in reply to amd21

Tried amlodipine in the past but made mimes swell. No headache today, hope no shortage of nifedipine where we live!

ask about maxalt for the headaches. I take wild lettuce extract ebay. it works great i tried prazosin and others were so toxic i could not take them. Mt rose herbs herbs has wild lettuce or ebay is cheaper try and let me know how it works for you. good luck. also ask about trigger point shots at your doctor or a pain specialist. love julie i am doing epidural nov 30th at the base of my skull for migraines. i wake up with bloody nose every time. platybasia, chairi malformation sooner or later. POSTERIOR OCCIPITAL CERVICAL FUSION SURGERY.

Thanks I have some wild lettuce (I use to help sleep) will try as pain relief. No headache today thankfully!

Hi, do you take it intermittently (ie if you have an attack) or constantly throughout the winter? I take it constantly throughout winter months and find I have headache for the first day (which is probably 2 does) but then the headache settles and goes away.

foxglove in reply to Midgebite21

Yes I take constantly through winter and if can get prescribed I will take as necessary in so called "British Summer"!....... Love your user name

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