Raynaud's augmented?

Hi all. I have been diagnosed with Raynaud's and hyperhydrosis. This is excessive sweating, which, oddly enough affects me more in cold weather thus: It's cold; my feet and hands get uncomfortably cold; I become tense with the cold feeling so I start to sweat; sweat on hands and feet cools them further, often to the point of being painful. Anyone else have this or is it just me? Keep well all.

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  • I've had this since I was a kid I never thought it would be linked to my raunauds

    My hands sweat in cold weather they can be that bad it as though I have put my hands in water I have had since a kid

  • Hi mulhollandpoppy. Thank you for taking time to reply; you are 1 of 8 to do so which is gratifying but sad to know it is not just me. But now I know there are others who have not only the physical problem, but also the difficulty of explaining to the 'normals' what it is like. Keep warm and stay cool...whichever.

  • You are welcome Im glad I'm not the only one which feels like freakish symptoms lol no offence

  • Hi, I've suffered from hyperhydrosis since being a teen, then diagnosed with Raynauds at 23, although had felt the cold since being very young. They are connected. My hands & feet don't really sweat so feel for you. I can recommend Mitchum roll on deodorant for under arms. You can buy in shops, I swear by it & can't use anything else that stops sweating. GP prescribed a roll in but it stung like mad & was quite useless for me.

    Take care

  • I haven't sweated at all for ages but have been waking for a few weeks with chest soaked despite feeling cold. My feet have just started sweating too and yet it's cold sweat and they feel like ice blocks. With me it's all part of connective tissue/ autoimmune disease/ autonomic neuropathy but I do suffer from mild Raynauds in my feet too. I have been diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy and I think I'm responding innapropriately to all temperatures just now - seems worse in all extremes for me.

  • Thanks, I'll look for that Mitchum. I've had that other stuff...like wearing an angry wasp under each arm.

  • Oh wow! I thought I was going mad, walking to work with my coat open in -3 and two pairs of gloves on. But after reading this I am not alone and will try the roll on mentioned in replies.

  • I am just the same! If I go out in a cold day I pour with sweat to the extent that my under clothes and top are soaked. When I get home I peel them off and then start shivering with cold and have to go to bed with hot water bottles, it then takes hours to get warm again.

    I don't sweat so much under my arms, mostly my back and front and neck.

    At night in bed the same, if the air gets cold around my head I pour with sweat, hair soaked, then once change of pjs shivering cold again.Have had to leave the central heating on low to keep the air temperature at an even level.

    But have definitely got much worse in this cold snap just now, dread going out.

    Oh to be normal!!!

    At least it helps to have a moan on here and not feel so alien and alone!!!

    C x

  • I have been the same this winter cold but I wake up sweating my hair and face wet through so as I move I'm shivering and shaking I've recently had symptoms of feet and hands throbbing n burning which has woken me up people just don't seem to understand and it's nice to talk to people with raunauds as I feel no one can understand this odd illness unless having it yourself

  • That sounds awful, sorry to hear it's so bad for you. I feel less alien now, too. Looking forward to warmer times.

  • Hi.

  • I also suffer the whole night sweat thing as well as raynards. Really thought i was going mad.

  • Hiya I have Raynaurds and fibromyalgia and I have the same problem with the pain except my hands goes black with the cold, does anyone else have this ?

  • Hi Hobbesgang, how are u? Yes. My hands turn black as if frost bitten. My skin burns like crazy. Waiting to be formally access for Raynaud's

  • Hi I have this didn't realise it was part of raynaulds I have primary sjorgrens ,fibro ,raynaulds , pysorisis , gilberts , reactive arthrists , breathing ,bowl , and gland issues haven't mentioned the sweating bit as thought it was my time of life but it does only happen when I go out hands and feet like ice the rest of me sweating horrendously something else to mention to Rhummie :) joy

    Good luck !

  • Good luck yourself, sounds like you need it a whole lot more than I do. Best wishes.

  • Hello there. You are not alone. I have had Hyperhidrosis and Raynaud's for a long time. My sweating got so bad I started to excuse myself from social invitation as it was just too embarrassing. In restaurants the sweat would literally fall from my face into the food on my plate and at the same time my hands and feet would be freezing cold. I couldn't wear makeup and had to be careful what clothes I wore. About three years ago my GP prescribed an antidepressant which dried up the sweat but had me sleeping and feeling really ill for two days or more and that was after taking just one dose.

    In desperation I searched the web and found a support organisation which was started by a Registered Nurse who also suffers with Hyperhidrosis. Her name is Julie Halford. I sent her an email asking for advice. She contacted me the next day and suggested asking my GP to prescribe Oxybutinin tablets.

    I also discovered that excess sweating is a real problem for many, many people especially women who sometimes put it down to age. Mine is to do with the Autoimmune Disorder in general and Underactive Thyroid in particular.

    As a nurse I am familiar with this drug but it was used mainly in the elderly to strengthen and regulate the bladder and hopefully reduce incidents of urinary incontinence. I was ready to try anything.

    I did not hesitate to go to my GP with this bit of advice and she was happy to prescribe the medication for me. She was as desperate as I was to find something that would help and help it did, from the first dose.

    I could not believe it. It was like a miracle. I had started to doubt that anything could help and that I would have to live with this embarrassing situation for the rest of my life.

    I still take this medication but not everyday in the winter. In the summer I have to take it every day, sometimes more than once a day.

    The only downside is that the tablets make my mouth extremely dry. This dryness makes my speech, swallowing and singing ( I sing all the time) difficult so I need to be constantly sipping water. I take bottles of water everywhere with me.

    I have decided that I prefer to keep sipping water than to be constantly dripping with sweat.

    Just type Hyperhidrosis Support UK in the search engine. There is much to learn, full of good advice and interesting case histories and more. I am sure you will find help.

    Good luck and best wishes for dryer times.


  • I have had sweating hands since a child I'm now approaching 31 In March I was diagnosed with raunauds when I was about 17 I asked my doctor about my sweating hands and he said I was just my nerves and nothing could be done about it ruins my life and so embarrassing when getting change in a shop having to hold your hand out wet through I feel like a freak

  • I've been dismissed by GPs so many times, it's so annoying being told that you're imagining things etc.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply with all that information. I shall be doing that search with great interest.

    The only drug prescribed for me was probanthine which, on maximum dose, had a limited worthwhile effect. Wishing you drier times too.

  • Hi JKay, the pleasure's all mine. I know you will find out a lot more about Hyperhidrosis. I find the whole subject fascinating. So much to learn. I am managing well now and life is more tolerable from the sweating point of view.

    Best wishes.


  • My hands n feet have done this for as long as I can remember and this happens in cold weather when I asked my doctor he said its my nerves and nothing can be done about it I never associated it with my raunauds though

  • i am 91last month ,i regret i have not been as active. had an x.p. , just had a new set up. 20 in monitor yellow/ black key board, i have macular deg., i, eye wet i dry, 20 injections over last 3, years, i also acquired reynards , thumb, 3 fingers , right hand rendering it almost useless

    cold fingers , cant touch anything cold, even a knife in kitchen. i wear a fine glove+ a

    childs glove ,with bubble surface, things don't slip out of that hand, fingers, they feel like tree

    trunks DR says nowt ,about it ---- advice , what should i do. grumpy

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