Just read the recent issue of Raynauds & Scleroderma Assoc. 'hot news'

I joined the association this year. Every issue I've had of their magazine has been interesting & helpful, but this issue no 118 is the greatest. It covers so many topics that are significant to my conditions! I gotta say: the coverage is 'just right'! The balance between conveying basic info + just the right amount of more advanced details credits us with enough common sense to be able to grasp the complex nature of our conditions. And the range of topics is broad! Just when I feel other groups i've belonged to longer seem to be dumbing down and cutting back. .

Really gotta send a BIG thank you to everyone at the association.

Not sure if this is the place to say it but: So vvv glad you're there for us!

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  • Is this the same association you are speaking about? Is there another? I'm not finding "hot news" here. Can you direct me to your site? www.Raynauds & Scleraderma Association.com?

  • Marcy, website is raynauds.org.uk

    It is based in England - It provides us with upto date information on a number of different topics related to Scleroderma and other related conditions.

  • Thank you I will check them out.

  • Thanks barnclown - it's so nice for us at Head Office to have positive feedback. We always welcome suggestions from members for content and always need member contributions!


  • Grateful for all that you ladies do at the cheshire base :) you are aboslute stars :)

  • Hi marcy: Hannah could explain better than me, but I think if you actually join the assoc you receive a paper printed version of this 'hot news' magazine in the post. I'm not aware of it being online: maybe it is?

    Great to hear from you Hannah: if I can think of any suggestions, I'll be in touch! But seems to me you're doing a great job anyway!

  • I enjoy the newsletter as well, always has lots of information. And as Barnclown says, it isn't dumbed down but not to technical that my eyes glaze over hehe Keep up the good work RSA it is appreciated.

  • I echo & applaud all the positive comments the R&S association based in Cheshire UK have been a tremendous help to me ever since I was diagnosed - to be honest they have been more support than I could ve hoped for - always willing to listen & their HOT NEWS is fantastic - at the moment they are raising monies for the COOL MILLION check out their website on how to donate-


    Take a look A x

  • echo your comments over & over barnclown :) the team there & all health professionals that contribute are fantastic :)

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