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Bruises out of the blue?

I've had raynauds for about 2 years officially now, had it in my child hood with out knowing it.

And I think, it might be possible if my raynauds and bruising issues were connected.

Granted I know I have a low iron intake and have started taking supplements about 2 months ago. Taking the supplements still hasn't helped the issue.

I don't even know where they come from. I get the bruising mostly on my legs, my thigh, my knee and my shin.

I do karate, but that hasn't given me many bruises. I've always made sure of that.

Just want to know, any ideas or opinions?

anyone having the same issue as me?

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Maybe ask to get your platelet count checked, mine is often low and I bruise like a peach!there are meds n diet changes u can make if this was the case so might be worth checking


Is it just Raynauds you have or could you possibly have another underlying condition. I ask because I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility type (sometimes also named Hypermobility Syndrome) a classic symptom of which is bruising easily. I believe similar can also apply to other auto-immune illnesses such as Lupus & Sjogrens so it could be worth checking with your GP/Rheumatologist.


I do not have scleroderma but may have raynauds -but so far not bad. I do bruise all the time. Last night felt around my ankle as it felt a little sore. By the time I stood up I had a huge purple bruise.My legs are always bruised and I do not know why. Aileen


So I did some research, and with my asthma medication, raynauds, and hereditary bruising from my mom; I will bruise easily.

I do think something else is going on though, I have bruises all down my legs the front and back, including some on my feet.

So, I'm not sure what to do at this point.

I get bruises from just sitting or rolling my ankles wrong. ( I have really bad arthritis in my joints) and then it will bruise. :3 at a loss


If you are on CellCept, that can cause bruising.


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