Got to stop my medication :0(

Hi there I av recently found out I'm pregnant I'm 3 months gone which I'm over the moon about as I've wanted a baby for god nos how long but my only problem is I suffer really bad with my Raynauds in my feet and take nifedipine for it which obviously cos of me being pregnant the doctor said I can't take these tablets but has not give me no alternative n as just told me I've got to get through the winter with no help the thought of this brings me to tears and I actually think I might freeze to death :0( any suggestions would b greatly appreciated

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  • The advice is that it is best to have no medication in pregnancy, particularly at your stage. The answer for you has to be that you have to keep yourself seriously warm in every way you can.

  • Many congratulations! That is wonderful news! It would be best to follow your doctor's advice as they will know best. Normally in pregnancy, women with Raynaud's find that they aren't actually troubled by it due to the different hormones, and then it returns when the baby is born. So if you stop taking the meds, you should (in theory) not actually be troubled by your Raynaud's anyway. Thanks and congratulations again! RSA.

  • Congratulations. I was in the same situation. I stopper my medication to concieve. Once pregnant I felt better than ever. No raynauds attacks and little stiffness. The human body is amazing!! My skin was supple and it was 10 months after my daughter was born that I felt myself starting to stiffen up again. Hope that gives u some reassurance.

  • Skunkx electrically heated boots are fantastic although only really for indoor use. These have transformed my life! As you get more pregnant your hormones should help you out and you are more likely to feel warmer with your own little furnace inside! Congratulations!

  • I found that having my daughter when aged 38, helped my raynauds symptoms for years. I found I didn't need any medication whilst pregnant and it was about 8 years later that I had a bad enough winter that I needed to start again.

    Congratulations and enjoy!

  • Hi Emma

    I am trying to conceive and have been using Amlodipine for the last few years. Luckily where I live we have a specialist unit for pregnancy and raynauds. I consulted them before we started to try and conceive and was told I could stay on Amlodiphine. I totally understand where you coming from. I have found that if I keep my feet and back warm , I seem to suffer less from attacks. ( but I still do even on medication)

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