Pins & Needles

I keep waking up with a sort of pins and needles sensation in about three fingers on one of my hands. They feel a bit like they do shortly after an attack and are very numb until I have been up for a few minutes. My fingers are also going numb when I am doing my eyebrows - holding my tweezers seems to give me a similar sensation. I was just wondering if anyone else gets this - it's starting to get on my nerves now!!

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  • I sometimes get this on waking or when I hold anything for a while, including the sterring wheel when driving long distances. As I've only been diagnosed with Raynaud's in the last month (had symptoms for years) I hadn't connected the two. On waking my finger joints also ache.

  • I get pins and needles when I wake up, I also get really stiff sore fingers, and my knees ache, and it takes be a little while to get going in the morning, that is the part that I really hate, it makes me feel really old. I also can't grip as well as I use to, and I find that I drop stuff a lot.

  • Have you tried going Gluten free? I was getting pins and needles in hands in morning for ages. A month going gluten free and it disappeared but 2 days after eating gluten its come back.

  • It was/is carpal tunnel syndrome which affects me on and off - I have some splints to wear and that normally cures it.

  • I am guessing that it is caused by being still in your sleep - I think it is better to be moving around so that your blood is flowing. Who knows?! I've said it before and I'll say it again - trust me to get something weird!!

  • I get exactly the same pins and needles feeling in parts of my hands when I wake up. It started around 6 months ago, just after I had a boob job and I telephoned the hospital to see if it was anything to do with the procedure, but was assured that it wasn't so then put it down to the raynauds. The tips of my toes and fingers are also a strange purpley colour and constantly painful. The trouble with all of this is that many of us have more than one condition and are unsure as to what symptons relate to which condition. I also have a peripheral Neuropathy for which I have regular B12 injections. When I last went the nurse told me that the strange lack of feeling that I have in my hands is a result of the neuropathy. I am now waiting to see the doctor again.

  • There are so many symptoms that we all seem to have - I do try not to blame everything on my condition but it is hard knowing what it causes and what it doesn't sometimes!!

  • I have been looking up peripheral neuropathy this morning - I am still getting pins and needles (though it has not been too bad for the last two mornings) but I keep getting strange numbness in my hands. Sometimes it affects my fingers and sometimes the whole hand. My little finger on my left hand was really numb the other day and that side of my hand was aching. I will have to mention it to my doctor and consultant - I have been advised to get it looked into.

  • I agree with Emma 2. it sometimes is har to know.

  • I had the same problem a few years ago and it was "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" so I had both hands operated on; right hand is fine, but could need left one re-doing. (Awkward, as I am left-handed.)

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