Pins and Needles in hand

Not sure if this is the right place... But... For the past 5 mornings, I've been woken by pretty sore pins and needles and aching in my right fore arm. In the past shaking it and hanging it down helped.. But not now. It lasts for over an hour. I've often had p& n in hand/fingers when typing, sewing, even cooking, and a good shake helps.

I have just changed my pain medication from amytrptoline to Pregablin. I am diabetic 2, but have been completely diet controlled for 2 years. Any ideas folks?!

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  • I started to get that in 2010 and it turned out to be carpal tunnel syndrome. If it is bad you should go to your doctor. He can send you for tests in the hospital.

  • Thank you Irene. I will do just that.

  • I too have had this on occasion, and I don't know that it is related to Raynaud's as much as it is how I sleep on my hand or arms the wrong way at night. My chiropractor suggested I wear wrist braces at night that keep my hands from closing or going into a fist. An easy fix for me.

  • Yes, this can be very painful. I experienced the same just about a year ago now. I went to the doctors and he said, between the Scleroderma and Raynaud's it was causing the problem with my carpal tunnel. I was given a scrip to get braces for both of my hands and was to wear them when I slept. I have found they make a world of difference. I was not getting much sleep before this. It was really painful and would keep me up most of the night. I hope this is of help.

  • Thank you both Charlie and Freder. Seeing nurse next week for check, so will mention to her then make appointment. You've both said the same, so maybe that's what it is!

    I'll keep you up to date.

  • Hi Ladybal,

    I have the same problems and was tested and found to have Bilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Discuss the possibility of having the test done. Good luck!


  • Thank you, I have talked to the doc this pm, and indeed it does seem like Carpal Tunnel . So I've to get a splint tomorrow to wear in bed. If this helps, I'll get tested.

    So Freder and guys were right!

    So let's hope it works.

  • Hi LadyBal,

    Glad your getting some help. Hope the splint works for you. It didn't really help me and I still get pins and needles. Mind you I have severe arthritis of all my joints so I get pain radiating down my arms from my shoulders as well. Surgery was offered but I declined. I have had a lot of ops in the last few years, three since 2010 so I don't feel up for another. Good luck, hope you will be more comfortable soon. You are on the right track. Keep monitoring the effect of the splints and report back to your doctor.


  • Poor you...

  • I'm ok but thank you, you're very kind. I have learnt to live with and to cope with all the difficulties. I enjoy live inspite of everything. I have much to thank my God for.

    All the best.


  • Well that's 4 nights now with the splint and 4 nights pain free! You guys were all right! It is CTS! Well done! I'll keep wearing the splint as don't want op! Thanks!

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