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Hello everybody, thanks for all your smiles and waves xxxx. You will all be happy to know that your support has helped me, and that this inconvenience that keeps popping up, is just a kink in the road. I have been to the supermarket, and bought myself a few treats, namely a Lindt bunny, (never to old for easter eggs!) and a coffee and walnut cake! Ok I know there are loads of sugar and calories and I will have a gigantic sugar rush, but what the hell, it will counteract all the medication hahaha. I am always grateful for the care I receive from the doctors and nurses, its just that it reminds me I am not healthy anymore. So all you lovely people, thank you again, and you can rest assured I shall leave you with a smile and wave folks, smile and wave

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A little of what you fancy does you a bit of good.

I wouldn’t worry about the calories, enjoy the eggs etc.



Don’t you ever worry Fairy56 we are always here for you, and here for each other. This group is a great support to all of us that have our off days and just need that virtual group hug 🤗. Don’t let our disease get the better of your positive nature, because there will always be bumps in the road but we will get through it. Always positive and always smile and wave🤗.


Hi fairy56, just been reading your recent posts and I'm sending best wishes to you. I too hate going to hospital appointments as it reminds me I'm not quite the person I used to be. I hope you enjoy your treats. I may have to help my grandson with some of his Easter eggs :) Keep smiling and waving and we'll always be here to send some back xx


It never hurt anyone having a treat or 3 so go for it lol. Enjoy and have a stunning Easter.


I take my hat off to you fairy56.. I hope your treatment goes smoothly and you recover back tobyour normal self asap.. well done for staying so strong!! Xxx


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