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Hi everybody, I hope you are as well as you can be. Anyway went to Sainsburys to do my weekly shop, usual fast trip down the chilled area, got to the till to pay, all going well until the cashier decided that the food needed to be sent down double speed!!! so a kindly word in his ear "could he stop so I could catch up," so shopping packed away, told how much it cost, and another kindly word in his ear that I was going have to make him wait because my fingers weren"t working well. So now I am waiting for my change, and guess what he gave me my receipt first and my change on top, now I have to slide my coins off the receipt to put it away! I decided I would go to the customer service desk and ask if when they are training new cashiers to ask them to be aware that some of us need time to put our change away, because fingers dont always work well. Now I "m sorry if I am rambling but this is where Sainsburys are keen to help, apparently they are trialling a helpful hands system, and my local one is lucky enough to be one of the Sainsburys to trial it, and this is how it works they give you a lanyard to carry or wear, and members of staff will be aware that the customer needs help, because not all ailments are visible, anyway I am willing to give it a go, although I dont necessarily want to advertise the fact I might need help! So if you shop at Sainsburys ask if they are one of the stores trialling this . Right folks thats me for this evening, take care, and remember Smile and wave folks, smile and wave xxx

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Ncoff in reply to honeybug

That’s a great idea I shop at Aldi and Asda as h can imagine with Aldi it becomes very stressful when u r packing the shopping into the trolley I hate it

SWEETpea10 in reply to Ncoff

I was so pleased to hear your message as I have the same thing happening to me hope your shopping goes well next time

Hi fairy56

Ncoff accidentally replied to your post but attached it to mine. Sorry my xxx caused the confusion.


Hi fairy56

Loved your post - it’s all so true. Couldn’t manage at the checkout so now take the easy way out and get it delivered by Tesco.

At the moment I am sitting in hospital having an illoprost infusion and your post really cheered me up you have such a lovely way of putting things.

Infusion going well although I am only on a low dose as my blood pressure keeps going up (yes I know it’s meant to go down) but I always have to be different !

Take care smile and wave xxx

fairy56 in reply to Pennypetra

Hello Pennypetra, yes Iloprost isn"t pleasant but, its a necessary discomfort. I take my newspapers, a book and puzzle books, I look as though I"m off on a holiday when I arrive, I refrain at arriving at 4 in the morning and putting my towel on my chosen chair though haha, oh and I always ask for an extra pillow. There"s nothing wrong with being different, actually we are all unique, wouldn"t want to be any other way.

An excellent idea from Sainsburys. I hope all supermarkets copy them.

I get my shopping delivered to the door by Ocado. Their drivers are highly trained in being extra helpful and polite. They even put it away if you can’t, though I’m too embarrassed to let them in. Anything heavy like dog food or bottles of fizzy water they put on the tiled floor where I can push them along with my feet. For about £7 a month I get free deliveries from Tues to Thurs ( no I’m not paid to say this)! It would cost more than that in taxi fares to my local supermarket for one shop and I’m really too weak to do the trolly, checkout and carrying bags.

If I’m flush and go to Marks, they are super helpful without asking why I need it.

But really, I hope all the supermarkets copy Sainsburys.

OK Fairy 56, I'm smiling and waving. Loved your post - I can so identify with the scenario. I have the very same experience every week. By the time I've done the meat part and the freezer part of Sainsbury's my hands are done even though I'm wearing two pairs of gloves. The checkout and paying procedure is virtually impossible and an impatient queue of people behind me makes it even more harrowing. But, as you say, wave and smile. Haven't yet decided if I'm happy to wear a thingy to announcing my incapacity - but it is a good idea.

fairy56 in reply to Betsie

Hi Betsie, I will probably have it dangling on my handbag, then to the annoyance to every body in the queue, will get it out so the cashier knows this is not a race to see how many things they can send down in a minute haha. I am like you I dont like displaying that I have something wrong with me, but hey if it makes people think about others, it cant be a bad thing. Take care xxxx


I've started to use self check out then i can go at my own pace and no one watches me fumbling. 😵😊

I thought I would pass on the one thing that I have found useful when do the freezer bit if my shop. I head to coffee shop first buy a coffee or tea in takeaway cup. Do freezer shopping first sipping and holding warm cup as I go. This has been a game changer for me!!!

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