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I can't seem to beat this cellulitis

Hi ,I am 42 and have always been very active,I've never had any medical issues that really effected my life,until now,...I stepped into a hole in the floor on Sept 7th,I ended up in the er with a bad sprain, I thought that was very painful and never dreamed a week later that both of my kegs would swell so big I would just cry from the overwhelming pain and bedridden state I was now in,I ended up back In the er,now with edema,and cellulitis, they gave me 5 perscriotions.soon the sores began to show, and soon grew into wounds,I returned to the er given a UV and more antibiotics, it has been 3nonths I have spent my days in bed in hopes I would be able to spend a hour on mY feet,the pressure builds as soon as I stand, I an scarred but had almost healed,but my hard scabbing soon became a dark black ,with painful thick bleeding, air hurts at times,I think NY injury healed wrong creating a circulation issue,I am again on the couch feet up,in sweats and no socks, my socks cause swelling, I woke up today and have three black new sores,does anyone know why the scabbing us so thick,I can't get my sires healed before they bleed,do u have to bleed tgru the infection to heal,this is the mist painful scaring life changing sickness,will this ever go away

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Check out some info on Niacin to dilate your blood vessels. Stay focused on healing. It will take time, but you can do it.


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