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Hi all

I have sjogrens with a few other probelms on the side! I havent talked to rheumy about this yet but ive been having some probelms with my toes. I have had to wear thermal socks for year as feet get like ice , last year i got chilblans which i havent had for years. Now i am getting burning itching feet which wake me at night , is this raynauds and is there anything you can suggest to help?? I massage them which seems to help a bit are there creams that i can use as well. I would really appreciate your advice😀

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  • I get that pins and needles type feeling in my extremities when they get cold, is this the kind of feeling you're talking about?

    If it is, there are no creams that help at least I've not found Abby and I've had Raynauds since my early teens (35+yrs) but what does help when I get a Raynauds attack is medium pressure onto the affected area. For instance my partner will sandwich either my hand or foot between her warm hands and apply slight pressure. It calms the ceiling and removes the pain slightly.

    Each of us have likely found our own remedies and relief techniques, I find the above works for me.

    Deffo talk to your rheumatologist though as there's maybe something else going on as well?


  • Our disease is cyclical. It comes and goes to come again, so we have times when it is more levelled out. With feet we need to make sure shoes don't rub on them. I use regularly Acqueous cream on my face, arms, feet and calfs. It is cheap.

  • Thank you for that! I have aqueous cream so will use that and try the pressure idea but may have to do it myself as hubby would never wake up!!!!

  • I ask myself about your hubby!

  • He has to get up for work in morning and i dont so i wouldnt wake him unless it was really bad as he works long hours. He is very supportive 😀😀

  • Hi.

    I also get burning and itchiness in my feet and lately very sore points on my big toes. The Dr says it's the Raynauds. Fortunately to date I have not developed ulcers on my feet although the toes go almost black sometimes. I have had lots of infected ulcers on my hands which are badly contracted. My Rheumatologist has prescribed sildenafil (Viagra!) three times a day which I only take when I am raynaudsy but it seems to have reduced the ulceration and less tingly feet.

  • My probelm not as severe as yours. I hope the viagra works for you. Rheumy hasnt told me its raynauds yet so trying to control prob my self. Have you ever tried magnesium spray as i have seen it memtioned in posts?

  • It is the same for me so I spend all night with my feet out of bed just so I can sleep but socks in the day and in colder weather conditions my fingers turn blue so two pair of gloves it would be nice to know if someone else has a answer

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