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Cold weather

Anyone out there has the same problems I am experience? This first time in years and I'm feeling the cold more than usual. I becoming more stiff in my body.

I am having trouble with my two shoulder blade is so stiff. My physiotherapists can think it's not revelent to my injuries.

Is this experience of just Raynaud's or both? It would really be useful if someone can help me please. Thanks

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Hi Bexsam, you may find our Raynaud's information useful: sruk.co.uk/raynauds/what-ra... it details the symptoms to look out for which may help you to understand more about your symptoms.

You mention that you have stiff shoulder blades and it is good that you're seeing a medical practitioner about this. This isn't usually a symptom of Raynaud's but it may be connected to another musculoskeletal condition.

It may be good to read up on how to maintain your wellbeing and to help manage any Raynaud's symptoms that you experience sruk.co.uk/raynauds/managin... Do keep in touch and let us know how you get on. Best wishes.


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