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Raynauds cold weather

ive suffererd with raynauds since i was 18 and it seems to be getting worse now it's winter and the temperture is reaching -3 i don't take anything for it and i was wondering if u think if i make an appointment do u think they will give me anything for it as the pain in my legs are really bad and hands are also going blue purple red and that or do u know of any ways i can keep warm in the house and out till i manage to get into the doctors. Thanks

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It sounds as though you should have a blood test to find out whether your raynauds is primary or secondary. Once they establish that then they can give you appropriate medication. The medication I was first given did not suit me at all but once my blood test had been done and I discovered I had CREST then I needed different medication to the one I had been taking anyway. In terms of keeping warm it is all the usual tricks - try and keep the house as warm as you can with your heating, wear layers, hot drinks etc (have a look at previous blogs and answers - there are loads of suggestions). When you are outside you also need to wear layers - I wear 2 or 3 pairs of gloves, a scarf and a hat. You could also put some handwarmers in your pockets. It was -5 when I was coming to work this morning and thankfully I work in an office so I don't need to be outside too much. Good luck with your doctor.


Yeah i think i do need a blood test to be honest as i'm not really sure if it is primary or secondary. I'm gonna see if i can get an appointment to my doctors for next week as i won't get in today as they might be fully booked. Ahrite I'm glad they found that out for u. Yeah i will do thanks for the info but i can only use a fan heater as out house heating isn't working at the moment but that will be all sorted out this month hopefully as we are gettibg gas heating so I'm hoping it will help keep me abit warmer. Yep i will wear layers as I've got to go out later as i have an appointment at the opticions. I will have to get some handwarmers as i don't have any i only have gloves and a hat. That's good then hope it don't get to cold for u anyway. Thank u i hope it goes well myself


It's difficult with this kind of weather to keep warm. Best thing I would advise is if you're going out, put your gloves in a radiator first, they will be lovely and warm then. Invest in a nice warm coat, keeping your core body temp up will help you stay warm all over. A nice hat, beanie or whatever you prefer, will keep you even warmer again.

When it's old at home, I will wear my silver gloves from the RSA website, they are great and you can use your iPhone with them too. Wear thick socks, even two pairs if you have to! Don't get anything out of the freezer or fridge with your bare hands, use a tea towel or something to make a barrier.

If your doctors do suggest medication then maybe ask them which ones are more suitable. I was given Nifedipine and told there are some side effects, luckily I've not had any of concern, you'll have to find out what suits your needs most.

Over all, good thick flies and socks, make sure you cover up your body with plenty I layers, prevention is the best cure.

All the best :)



Yeah it is difficult as the weather seems to be reaching -3 or sometimes it can get colder then that. Well i would do that but out heating doesn't work not until we get gas heating done this month sometime so that's kind of difficult to warm my gloves up. Thanks i always use a hat when i go out apart from it doesn't cover my ears up very well.

ahrite do u i don't have any of them think i may get some now tho now this freezing weather has come that's good then i have an iphone so it would proberly be better getting them saves keep talking of the gloves when u get a text or a phone call. Thanks for all the info i will try all of that and see how it goes. I tend not to use a tea towl or anything when getting food out of the freezer witch isn't a good thing to do but think i better start using a tea towl from now on.

Yeah i will do thanks no one else in my family has raynauds it's just me so i thought it would be best to ask on here as my family don't have it so they don't know what it's like. Yeah theres always certain side affects with medication but i'm glad there's no concern for the side affects, yeah i will do i'll just have to wait until i get in the doctors.

yeah i will make sure i do that best thing to do to try and keep warm

and thanks :)


Hi Lisa, a cheap handwarmer is a tube sock filled with long cook white rice. Be sure it is LONG cook rice Tie the end of the sock in a knot. It will warm up nicely on the microwave. You can "wrap" it around your hands, drape it around your neck, hold it close to your "core", put it over/under your feet, lay it on your sheet before getting into bed, etc. I also us the feet warmers that have the sticky side as a "core" warmer. I have realized that when my "core" area is warm, I feel warmer. I usually stick it to my 1st layer of clothing and when I begin to feel cold, I hug myself or fold my arms so that I am pressing on my core area. It can get really hot if u press too long, so I usually just wear it and that's very helpful. I keep a larger size heating pad at my fav chair to lean against, sit on or to roll my hands up in. I also have a massager for a chair that heats up and it has an adapter for the car. And a lap blanket, too. I was just in a sporting goods store in the hunting dept and saw a hand muff that has a belt attached. I plan to get one and place a hand warmer or 2 in it. I hope some of this helps. Be warm and be blessed!


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