PIP face to face assessment

I went for PIP face to face assessment, assessor was very nice.

I was completely honest and ask her if she has seen the advert on TV with the young lad that has just got out of prison when he gets ready for his new job but can't move the next morning.

I said that is how scleroderma affects me, okay one day and the next everything stiffened up and you just write the day off as everything hurts.

She asked me a few questions about my lungs and I replied that I have been discharged from the Chest clinic and it's just something else that I need to live with. A little later in the assessment she asked me to do some movements and commented that I just completed a few simple movements and It was like I run a marathon and she said your been discharged from the Chest clinic, shaking her head.

I would like to carry on working but would like to qualify for PIP as when I have a flare up I just can't function on any level and need my employers to recognise that all is not as it should be.

I know it may sound silly but I felt better in just filling the assessment form in, it was like a release.

Family and friends are very supportive but I don't think they fully understand the overwhelming sense of lack of movement, pain and emotional turmoil that you experience on a regular basis.

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  • Hi Denny, please let us know how you get on with your PIP ...hope you are successful. Very stressful to go through this...bit of an ordeal and very stressful. Good luck pet.

  • Thank you

  • Sending you a hug.

    I've recently been through the pip assessment and it isn't fun, is it!

    As a side note people seem to forget about Access to work. They can help disabled people stay in, and support is in and to and from work xx

  • Thank you

  • i wish you all the best with the results of your face to face,i was just awarded it,i felt terrible filling in the booklet it made me realise how my life has changed in the last 2 yrs of diffuse scleroderma

  • Filling in the forms does bring it home and pat on the back for us all, just keep going when we can.

  • Can you apply for PIP even if you work 35 hours. My consultant has referred me to a chest clinic yesterday.

  • Yes, I work 37 hours a week, when filling in the form make sure you put everything in about your bad day.

    When applying for the form go on the website and make yourself some notes as you will be asked a lot of questions.

    I found everyone very helpful, good luck.

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