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I have to go for a ESA /face to face medical Wednesday 4 days notice!!! I am really stressed about it my blood pressure is already high and being monitored,any one had to go through this is it as bad as they say how do you deal with the stressful situation.not sure what I will do if they say I need to work ,its a battle to get through the day as it is,a

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  • Just be honest and tell this person how you are feeling.

    How hard it is to function daily, remembering that it is but a person that you are having a face to face with.

    Easy too say, stay calm and focused on how your condition affects you.

    All the very best.

  • Hi There, been through this myself, it's not easy, some of these people are not very sympathetic, purely because this is mainly an invisible illness, just because you can walk and do a few exercises doesn't compensate for how miserable you feel inside and how it restricts your daily activities. Like Denny says be honest and really try and get the point over. I was refused my claim in the first instance and appealed which was successful. Wishing you well .

  • It's so hard I am going in and telling it how it is ,how after being diagnosed with cancer 2year's ago my life is on hold,my cancer triggered diffuse scleroderma chemotherapy fast forwarded it my consultant says I look like I've had scleroderma for 20yrs,I am in constant pain I cannot do all the things I want to do,I worked for over 35yrs as a nurse,I'm not scared of work I'm at the moment very broken and not capable I feel so guilty claiming I've never ever claimed for anything before,I am 62yrs old ,I cannot claim state pension until I'm 66yrs old I'm on morphine just to get abcout,every step I take is agony I cannot have my knee replacement s because scleroderma is to active,the meds I take make my life an existence. Just went to see gp she is disgusted they are chasing me has given me a letter of support and a print out of everything I've been through in the last few years

  • Hi mad4cavs

    Everything you just said there is exactly what you need to say at your ESA assessment. As people have said before it's all about showing them the impact the disease has on your day to day life. The things that you are unable to do. Like washing your hair, preparing a meal even just picking up a dropped pill. Everything that you can't do and how your suffering. Also make sure you take your meds with you as they like to see proof that the meds are in your name and no one else's. But just relax and be honest. The likelihood of them reading your medical notes there are usually unlikely. But they will take them. But goodluck and I know it's easier said than done, but try not to stress.

  • Hi

    If it has affected your blood pressure and you can get a letter to that effect from your GP then it might be worth requesting a delay to the assessment as a reasonable adjustment under teh Equality Act. This would 1. give you more time to prepare and 2. would be additional evidence of how your halth condition is impacting on evryday activities.

    I think they would be hard pushed to refuse if the GP thinks that the assessment now could damage your health. I would also consider having a friend with you when you do have the assessment, just to remind you of anything you forget to mention and also as a witness. Im forgettimng lots atm and I think I would do this if need be.

    good luck anyways

  • I'm going to go I have everything ready waiting would probably stress me out more

  • As charlieab has said definitely have someone go with you as support and as a witness. I took my daughter because she helps me do day to day things that I struggle with. But also she was able to help remind me of things Id forgotten. Plus I know myself in stressful situations I forget things. But don't let them do anything your not able to do or comfortable to do. But it will be ok.

  • My daughter is taking me, I couldn't get there otherwise it's out in the sticks I've just had surgery on my toes so have pins in my toes

  • All of those things will more than help your case. Any decent assessor will be able to recommend your unfit for work. But like I know so many other people in the past they have had assessor's who've lied in their report. So it's a good thing your taking someone with you especially your daughter. She will also be able to provide you with comfort and hopefully help to keep you at ease.

  • My toes were caused by scleroderma surgeon said I had very rigid soft tissue caused by scleroderma making my toes go up

  • I met patients like that at the Royal Free. But at least the surgeon was able to operate on them. But life must be really tough to get around right now for you. Those will be the type of questions they will ask you as well.

  • I'm sat here and I just thought why are you worried about an esa assessment I had cancer I kicked its butt,I have scleroderma I'm going to win,in the scale of things someone asking a few questions doesn't seem so terrible do your worse I will win

  • Well I went and it wasn't the nightmare I thought,the lady Dr was kind and understanding,and very helpful,I didn't have to do many exercises,she told me I had more than enough evidence to qualify for esa support group,all that stressing and my bp supported me by being raised off to gp now to see if she wants to alter meds to bring it down .

  • I had a f2f in February and the doctor there looked at all my illnesses including scleroderma and other autoimmune conditions and he could not understand why i was there again ! He said do not worry I will write that you are not fit for work and recommend you continue to receive the same benefits. It is now July and i still have not heard from the department to confirm that i will receive esa for the next 2 years (which is what normally happens), I ring the department every 2 weeks to try find out what their final decision is because now my car has died and i need to go into debt to buy another one :/ all i keep getting told is that it is with the decision makers!!! so now i am in debt because i had to get a car and stressed because without esa i will not survive. with esa I can eat soup and cereals for the next 12 months and hopefully get myself out of the debt. I wish iwas well and could work, i hate living like this!!!

    have you had your letter of confirmation ? I hope so xxx

  • No letter yet but I phoned and was told its been awarded until 2019,I hope you hear about yours soon

  • awww that is marvellous news :) really happy for you xxx

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