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Trying Fluoxetine(Prozac) for Raynauds

I was recently diagnosed with limited systemic sclerosis with secondary Raynauds. Honestly, the Raynauds and hand swelling has been the worst ongoing symptoms that I've had. Getting muscle and joint pain, fatigue under control with Celebrex, Plaquenil, and low dose naltrexone. I also take a lot of vitamins and natural supplements. I tried taking a calcium channel blocker for my Raynauds, but it didn't help, and caused pretty significant edema in my feet and legs. My Rheumy just prescribed fluoxetine, starting at 10mg with room to increase. Has anyone else had any success with this, and at what dosage? Also, how long does it take to see results? I don't have a follow up until July. Even though we're going into the warmer months, my office is always cranking up the air conditioning! I'm afraid of getting ulcers..I've been lucky so far.

I also wanted to say Hi from Idaho, USA! I'm so happy to have found this site, and to hear a different perspective from the UK. Wishing everyone good health!

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Hi. I was first prescribed this by the Royal Free about four years ago. It's been really great for the Raynaud's - not stopped it completely if it's really cold but has certainly restored a lot of circulation and touch wood) I have never had a digital ulcer.


Thanks Jessica, how many mg are you taking?


Hi there! I took fluoxetine for depression some time ago. No effect whatsoever on the Raynauds, in fact that was the time I first found I needed bedsocks winter and summer. Ex remarked that the age of glamour had not past! I'd be v interested to know if it helps you.

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I was prescribed fluoxetine (Prozac) a few months ago to try and stop frequent infected digital ulcers. Within a few hours I was experience a strange cardiac arythmia which left me faint. First my heart beat was in 3s then 2s! Although after the first fainting fit I felt OK. Checked side effects and noted this is a possible side effect and saw GP who referred me to a cardiologist. He said some people live with these arythmia all of the time and wasn't sure it was the fluoxetine but within 48 hours of stopping fluoxetine, which I did as soon as I realised my heart beat had changed, my Heart returned to normal rhythm. I became aware of the heart beat because at the time I had wax blocking my ear so I could hear my heartbeat all the time! It felt scary. Still lots of people take fluoxetine mainly as an antidepressant. It's worth checking the psychiatric side effects.


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