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Biofeedback for Raynauds

Having tried everything I can get my hands on to alleviate my raynauds over the years, I'm considering Biofeedback.Has anyone had any experience of this & did it have any significant effect on reducing your raynauds symptoms?

I'm in the South of UK, but cant find a practitioner here who has any experience of treating people with raynauds.

Thanks in advance for any useful advice..

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Hey Sue_Hazel! Yes, I've tried biofeedback with no improvement in my R's...apparently does not seem to work on auto-immune disorders; also tried acupuncture b/c I was hopeful, but no change whatsoever;(


Hello, I took part in a students research at York Uni, but found it very difficult to concentrate in the way I was meant to, so it didn't work for me.


Thanks for the feedback so far guys . Useful to know. I am ready to try anything because it will change my life


I think it depends on the 'type' of raynauds you have. I think primary raynauds responds to it better, as the raynauds is caused by vascular spasms. I think it is difficult for seconday raynauds as this is due to spasms but also scarring on the blood vessels which you cannot 'unscar'.


Maybe worth a go then? I only contacted one practitioner so far, but they'd never treated anyone with Raynauds before. It would be good to hear of any practitioners who had experienced some success, before parting with my hard-earned cash. I'm quite prepared for it to be just another idea that wont work, but you have to try don't you?

Cheers, Sue


Cheers for the very useful replies! I only have primary raynauds and realise I am extremely lucky to have only the mild side of a whole host of far worse conditions than most of you have to contend with. I can deal with the pain, though it isn't pleasant, but the debilitating effects of raynauds do tend to play havoc with my main interest in life - I absolutely love Rock Climbing! Silly sport to be doing with the condition I know, seeing as the triggers are cold, damp, wind & squeezing or compression of digits. I've never met another climber who doesn't suspect that I might be making it all up. I'm on a lifelong mission to keep trying anything that might help..


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