Hi everybody, has anyone else got ANA negative limited s s, sjorgens, reynauds. I am fairly recently diagnosed and rheumatologist has done another set of bloods that has confirmed I am negative. How is this !!! I also have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. Anyone with same issues would be good to hear from. Family and friends don't seem to understand what is involved with autoimmune problems. Thanks so much.


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  • I'm in the same situation - bloods say I'm clear but I get severe raynauds attacks, legs swell, rash on feet & face from time to time, poor circulation in legs and cramping when exercising. Rheumatologist says I have autoimmune problems but I am waiting for yet another group of bloods which have been sent to Immunology for testing. I have been told that if they come back clear I will be referred to Immunology for investigation. Any one else had this?

  • See my reply to Fuchia. Negative labs can't "clear" you. Also, check the ANA testing method used.

  • I gave been getting negative for years off and on. I still have scleroderma and Raynaud's. Trust me!!! But my doctor is as stumped as me. Why is it negative??? You're not alone

  • Thanks Cher

  • Hi, find out if the ANA test was done by the IFA method. If not, there is about a 40% chance of getting a false negative. Do you have copies of your test results? If the test was done by IFA (correct method), there are still about 6% of people with SSc that remain seronegative. Additionally, SSc is a clinical diagnosis, it cannot be based on blood work alone.

  • Thanks Dianekjs. I do havem y test results so I will check which method was used. Most helpful.

  • Yep, I'm negative SSc/raynauds and it's actually more common than most ppl realise. It's a more difficult diagnosis to reach usually, but I was very lucky to have seen a top specialist in the field though.

    The above comment by dianekjs is also correct, bloodwork is only one small tool in the diagnosis toolbox. There's many indicators for the CREST umbrella of illnesses.

  • Thanks Gindy, been really good for a few weeks now but muscles and joints are really bad at mo. In a lot of pain. Especially head and neck. Takes some getting used to I must admit. Fingertips split as well. Hey ho ! Onwards and upwards ah,,,,,, spring is on the way. Much appreciated.

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