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Stopping Limited SSc meds temporarily

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So, I’ve arrived on holiday and found, to my horror, that I’ve left ALL of my meds at home!! I take Mycophenolate, Hydroxychloroquine, sildenafil and Omeprazole.

I don’t think Sidenafil should be an issue, as I’m in Mallorca, so boiling hot and I imagine I’ll be able to pick up Omeprazole over the counter as you can do that in the UK.

I’ve been googling and see if you can stop Mycophenolate and Hydroxychloroquine suddenly and it looks like you can.

The effects of Hydroxy seem to stay in your system for some time but not so sure about Mycophenolate.

My symptoms have never been very severe - probably mainly circulation effects, so I’m wondering if a week without meds might not be too harmful.

Has anyone on here been in a similar situation?


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It happened to me during the Christmas holidays. I had forgotten to order my meds. Nothing happened but I did not feel very well.

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Thanks for your reply, Zenabb. That is my one concern, that my meds make me feel as well as I do. I’m going to check with the local pharmacy as it’s sometimes possible to get things over the counter here and may also ask advice from rheumatology at home. I’ll play it by ear I think. Elaine

Hi, a quick question did you take your prescription with you, if you did perhaps taking it to the pharmacy, they may be able to fill it. xx

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ECGordon in reply to fairy56

Hi - I didn’t but have managed to solve my problem as I went to the local pharmacy here in Palma and it was possible to buy my meds over the counter. That was lucky! A lesson learnt, though!!

I wasn’t well over the Christmas period and got an infection, with some other issues I was told to stop my meds for a week including mycophenolate so I think u should b ok. Enjoy ur holiday xx

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ECGordon in reply to Maryjcl

Thanks for your reply, Maryjcl - I’ve been lucky enough to get my meds from the pharmacy here, though it’s reassuring to know it should have been ok☺️

I went without my Hydroxychloroquine for a few days, and the joint pain was awful. Hopefully you won't have the same! I wound very ill without my meds, but I have multiple autoimmune problems.

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Hi - thanks for your reply - I did manage to buy meds here on holiday, so, fortunately haven’t had to miss any. It was quite costly but it saved any ill effects from missing doses. Thanks again. Elaine

I have only once forgotton my medication and thankfully realised whilst still at Manchester airport. I had the list of medications wirh me and boots pharmacy were able to supomy be wirh the tablets after confirming with my go practise. They really were very good. No use to you but night help other people in a similar situation. It might be worth ringing your doctor for advice if you are worried.

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