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New diagnosis from skin biopsy

I have had episodes when my skin goes very hard and chunky. It especially affects my right arm going across my back. The skin feels wooden to touch. The first skin biopsy was negative from my arm. However the recent one from my back has been reported as scleroderma. It responds well to steroids.

My rheumatologist is reluctant to agree with the biopsy results as they don't know the reporting pathologist.

I would be grateful for any thoughts, as I do feel slightly confused.

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certainly not a test I've heard of for diagnosing SSc - you could ask your rheumatologist to do ANA blood tests and a nailfold capillary test to confirm diagnosis/satisfy his own judgement?


Hi. I had similar symptoms to you affecting all 4 lower limbs which also responded well to steroids. In my case the rheumatologist referred me to a dermatologist who carried out the skin biopsy and confirmed the scleroderma ( Morphea) diagnosis. I'm not sure a rheumatologist is the best person to interpret results of a skin biopsy. Can you check out the credentials and qualifications of the pathologist involved and, assuming they stack up, ask your rheumatologist why they aren' prepared to accept their opinion. In my case the rheumatologist freely admitted it was beyond their expertise and therefore referred me on to the dematologist.


I agree with Edwardian, you should ask to see a Dermatologist who specialises in Sclero. A dermatologist treats my Morphea and A Rheumatologist treats my other sclero symptoms.

You can check on the sclero site for a list of specialists in your area


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