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Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK posting guidelines

Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK (SRUK)  is a registered charity whose work includes supporting people with Scleroderma and/or Raynaud's and those whose conditions involve symptoms of either or both of these. This community helps facilitate communication between patients and those who are involved in their care and is not limited by geography. To find out more about the organisation, please visit

This ‘communication forum’ is monitored by SRUK. Individuals using the forum must not abuse their freedom (or restrict the freedom of others) to use the site for posts, questions and messages and must comply with the following guidelines.

Please report any abusive or inappropriate posts, questions, comments or messages to to assist the SRUK team to deal with them accordingly.

The content on this site does not replace the advice or recommendations given to you by your healthcare professionals.

The views expressed by individuals are the beliefs of those individuals and not necessarily reflect those of SRUK.

SRUK is not responsible for the content of discussions regarding self-treatment or self-management nor the outcomes or results expressed.

Please abide by the following guidelines:

1. SRUK reserves the right to delete any post, question or comment that they judge inappropriate without notifying the author. The member may be informed of the reason that the post was removed and invited to rewrite it.

2. In the event of repeated abuse of the guidelines, SRUK reserves the right to remove a member from the registered community.

3. Members should be honest and respectful at all times. Any post, question or comment deemed inappropriate whether intended or not, may be removed. Discrimination, harassment or victimisation as defined in the Equality Act 2012 will not be tolerated.

4. Posts, questions, answers and comments posted on the site should be correct to the knowledge of those contributing their personal experiences and designed to enhance communication between individuals. They do not and should not replace advice from medical professionals.

5. If members choose to make contact through either written or verbal communication, SRUK cannot be held responsible for the outcome.

6. Any post, comment or question considered to be advertising will be edited and/or deleted at the discretion of SRUK, no matter the service or product being advertised.

7. Any post, comment or question which appears to be asking for money, except for fundraising for SRUK, will be edited and/or deleted at the discretion of the SRUK.

8. Do not solicit members to other websites or forums for the benefit of your services or purposes.

9. Do not post advertisements on where or how to obtain UK prescription-only medications without prescriptions and do not post offers to sell or give away unwanted medication or over the counter supplements. Do not post requests for medication or over the counter supplements from others.

10. The SRUK HU Community Forum is NOT an advisory service and does not offer private counselling to individual members. If a member sends a message of distress via a private message to any member they are kindly asked to alert SRUK who will seek appropriate help.

11. SRUK reserves the right to update and/or amend these guidelines at any time.

These guidelines are in place to protect our members and ensure that they can connect with others in a safe and respectful environment. Thank you

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