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New Birmingham Raynaud's & Scleroderma Facebook page


Hi Folks, I've set up a new FB page for Birmingham. Nothing on there at the moment but feel free to join and share stories. I completely forgot to add the link to the new Facebook page. Here it is . Thanks for letting me know that I'd forgot lol. Have a great day folks.

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Hi, please can you provide the link to page. I live nearby and would like to join. Thanks xx

Hi, sorry yes. It's . Kind regards

Thanks, I've sent the group a request to join - Nicola xx

Thank you avtargill31 for taking the trouble to do that. I'll gallop over to Facebook and join the group. I've already looked at similar ones on there but I think a local one would be much more helpful.

avtargill31 in reply to Betsie

Hi Betsie the link to the new FB page is . Kind regards

Is this Birmingham UK?

Hiya, yes we’re in the UK.

Hi can you add me please or share the link in here please

Hi, sorry yes. It's Kind regards

Thanks very much - see you all there

Four of us from the facebook group, met up last Wednesday for a coffee and a chat in Shrewsbury. I and another friend will try and get to the November meeting in Birmingham. They are starting to get new people joining the facebook group. You will see a photo we took and my dog Lizzie is in the photo leaning on my friend.

Hi, I’ve just zoomed in and saw that, I missed it the first time round, eyes aren’t that good nowadays lol. Hope to see you in November.

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