Shivering inside?

Hi, ive had reynauds for a number of years, not too bad but worse last coiple of years. I take Nifedipine when it starts to get really cold like now. I have scleroderma also.

This last few weeks ive been experiencing what i can only describe as a shiver running through my body inside. Its like a vibration and feels very odd. In my main trunk and sometimes im just my left arm. Does anyone have any clue what it is?



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  • I have something like this as well. And it doesn't really bother me when it does a complete shiver but sometimes there is a weird point when it is like a partial shiver and just feels weird and like something is wrong. If I'm lying down, which i usually am when this occurs, I have to get up and walk around. I'm sorry I don't know why this is happening. I have wondered if the shivers are connected to edema being reduced. Somehow I consider the shivers to be a good thing but I don't really have a reason for that assumption.

  • Yes they always happen to me when im lying down. Its an odd feeling isnt it, its like something inside is being shrivelled!

  • Yes It does feel like a shriveling sensation. It's very unnerving. (Disconcerting not really nerves. Or maybe it is connected to neves somehow) I do keep forgetting to ask my doctor about it.

  • I sometimes get that 'cold on the inside' sensation when my thyroid is low. It also happened when I was severely iron deficient. You can have more than one thing go awry. Maybe speak to your doctor about it.

  • Hmm thanks. I may do

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