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At what inside temp, do you but your heating on?

We have and old boiler which only runs the central heating, we have no thermostat on the wall, like in my old house. So we switch it on when it gets too cold to bare or but it on a timer to come on in a morning etc.

My husband and oldest son are always warm and me and my youngest cold.

So what I want to know how cold does it need to drop inside, before the heating goes on.

I have several layers on, my husband is sat in a t shirt!

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I find having a body warmer handy helps a great deal. Its less restrictive than a full extra layer. But if i keep my body and kidneys warm I seem to hold a reasonable temperature easier.

I am already trying to ensure at least one room is kept warm.


I already have my thermals on! And throws and things, lots of hot drinks. I have just bought some fingerless gloves, best thing in the world.


Oh my! this is a difficult one. I have my central heating on as long as I am cold even in the summer. I live alone so it makes the choice easier than yourself. I also suffer with excess sweating mainly of my head and face and can be both hot and cold at the same time which means I have a fan in every room. It's crazy!

The thing is, everyone is different regarding the level of warmth they need and should be able to make themselves as comfortable as possible for as long as needed.

Is it possible for you and your husband to upgrade the heating system? You need a proper thermostat and timer on your central heating system.

If the property is your own it is worth checking with your local council to find out if there are any grants or scheme available and are you eligible for any sort of assistance. You can send an email stating your health difficulties to their Grants and Facilities department or to Customer Service who will forward your message to the appropriate section. You can also telephone to speak to someone.

The Adult Social Service Department at your council can may also be able to offer you advice. My motto is, ask, they can only say yes or no.

The government is also working with the utility companies to help vulnerable people with heating and so on. You can call them and ask if there is any help available. Don't be afraid to ask.

I worked in the medical and social care area so picked up a few tips over the years, hence my suggestions.

As you are the one who suffers with the cold, is it possible for you to have just one area where you the heating is on just for you? Maybe just a fan heater which you can adjust to you need.

This may not be a very helpful suggestion as it may mean you won't be socialising much with the family watching TV etc. The main thing is that you have a heating system that is in good working order and that your family understand your illness and your needs and that you are as comfortable as possible.

I wish you well. Keep the forum posted. I would like to know how you are getting on.



We need our electrics sorting, so May be when we have paid for that, we can look at heating. It's our own home.

Our local council was giving free cavitity wall insulation and roof roll, but we have all that. But I will give them a ring along with utility company and see what they say.

My husband earns a good salary so doubt we will get any help. Although with me not working and 2 teens we never seem to have any money.

Ther has been many a time when I have gone to bed and my electric blanket!

The lounge seems to be the coldest place in the house. We have an open staircase to upstairs and it is a big room.

Thanks for all your tips


I have a warm electric throw to use when I am the only one that is cold. We don't react to temperatures as others do.


Central Heating is a dry and irritating Heat if you have Chest problems.

You would be better curling yourself under a warm duvet on the settee. This does not make you a sad Donkey, it makes you COMFORTABLE.

Take care.


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