itchy inside my mouth

Hello, anyone with Ssc get these symptoms....itchy inside my mouth...not all the time but enough to be annoying...the roof of my mouth and under my tongue, no sign of fungal infection so no idea what it is , also, incidents of feeling ultra hot, like a fever with sweating, almost like menopausal hot flushes-along with the feeling of 'unwellness' -so, if anyone else has these symptoms would be good to know I am not alone in them.

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  • Hi there,

    I don't get an itchy mouthe, but the hot flushes, yes and tbh I put it down to an early menopause. I get really hot and often it'll turn into a feverish cold sweat. I have to stop all activity and sit quietly for anything upto an hour to wait for it to pass.

    I don't know if it's a recognised symptom tho and it might just be coincidence we both suffer from it.

  • thanks for replying gindy....I already have had the menopause many years ago now so have been through the hot flushes.... this problem is new to the mix..only been happening for about 6 months now and is debilitating as after these 'episodes' I am exhausted. No cold sweats just heat and sweats which lasts for a few minutes only. Most weird.

  • I'd not be surprised if it's a symptom linked to raynauds and the plethora of illnesses that overlap.

    I've started to dismiss a heck of a lot of symptoms as just part of my life. I try not to dwell on them, as that can be just as debilitating.

    This forum is a great place to sound out the many issues we sufferers of SSc and raynauds have.

    I'm going to bring some of the stuff I've learned up with myou doc next week, hopefully he will understand a bit more about what I'm going through.

  • I get this sometimes normally when my allergies are flaring up (hay fever) etc. Maybe try taking an antihistamine and see if that helps? It normally does for me. x

  • I get the fever with it too but I think that's all linked to allergies / hay fever so it sounds very similar. Avoid 'scratching' the roof of your mouth with your tongue... which i know is hard when its so itchy but that normally gives me a sore throat for a few days afterwards and makes everything last a lot longer. x

  • Thanks so glad I am not alone in this. Helps a lot. x

  • Hi, have your B12 checked, I get an itchy tongue before I knew Inwas deficient and when I'm due my next injection, some people adI get a sore mouth and tongue.

    Sweats yes, I put it down to inflammation as I have vasculitis mine is worse in the morning I'm usually walking to the bus stop with my hair dripping wet! Xxx

  • Thanks Winter....good thinking on this one for me, I was deficient before on the B12 and got injections at docs for it and thought that I was okay but maybe this has come back to annoy me again......never got the itchy tongue that time but maybe it was picked up on before this symptom emerged. Will ask about this and see if it is what is for the vasculitis- will ask about this too as I have appt. for rheumatology next week.

  • Hi Marilyn, sorry to hear about your symptoms. I often get fevers with sweating that are unrelated to my hormones and I can suddenly start to feel unwell. This often then resolves itself with no other intervention. I put it down to my condition, rather than to the fact I might be going mad...which of cause might also be the case ;)))

    Regarding your mouth, do you have a reddened lining to the inside of your mouth? You might have a bit of low grade inflammation that makes your mouth more sensitive than normal and feels like an itchy sensation. Mine is very spicy food for me or I hit the roof! I have not really found much that makes a difference. Swilling my mouth with water and just making sure my oral hygiene is as good as possible. Perhaps have a check up with dentist and see what they have to say. There are mouthwashes that might be helpful depending on what the problem is.

    Hope that helps

    All my best


  • Hello Lucy, thanks for reply! Many good tips there! I don't notice reddening in my mouth but I do have a 'ulcers' on my inside lips and under my tongue.....not sure on whether they are actual ulcers or some kind of sores but uncomfortable in the main. Have noticed that my taste for sweet things has changed too...used to like two tsp. of sugar in tea now much too sweet so had to cut to just one. Chocolate is a bit sickening too!!!! Can eat curry though, just not as much as I would like as appetite is low. Will have a word with my rheumatologist next week on my visit to hospital and see what she has to say.

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