Do you wear a hat? Inside?

Wondering if the old wives tall about losing all your body heat out of you head is true?

Thinking maybe I should buy a hat? I don't know what it is about hats but they do not suit me, I look like I have escaped from a mental hospital!

So may be I should wear it inside first, it seems to be getting cold, dreading the fuel bills.

Do you think it matters what it's made out of?

Thank you

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  • I think that it should cover your ears and feel cosy and fun. how about wollen knitted hat with fun colours, pompoms or whatever.

  • Hats, hoods? I too look like an escapee but I've come to the conclusion I don't care. Well - not much! Me and knitted hats are not meant for each other (gross) but I've found that the felt ones with a fur turn-up brim don't look so bad. If I meet anyone I pull my scarf up so only my eyes are on show!! ;-) Or wear bright lipstick and pretend to be ever so trendy!

    I do have a brilliant fleece dressing gown with hood. Much to 'him indoors' disgust I wear this in the house on really cold days, actually most days and it's great with the hood up in bed on those very cold nights. Sitting in the chair with a fleece throw over the top and fleece boot slippers completes the picture - delectable! I also wear long wrist warmers which make an amazing difference and help me enormously.

    Keeping warm is a daily challenge and the woolly coats and gloves have been in full use for a while. What's the point of being cold and miserable?

    Hope you find some warmth of the elegant fashion - if not, like many of us, just don't care!

  • Guess who is on the manhunt for good fleecy clothing to wear? Any suggestions please?

  • Yes: for sure: I do wear wooly hats indoors: right over my ears...+ wooly scarves, fingerless mitts.....& in bed: leg warmers + bedsocks & over the socks I put sheepskin bedbooties..+ wooly long cardies & shawls...I know I look ridiculous, but my gosh do I feel better this way!

  • Think you lose 10% of your body heat through head

  • I used to go to bed last winter with a hoodie dressing gown, hood pulled up, fleecy jammies, gloves and bed socks... Oh yes and a throw on top of my duvet. I was chronically cold. Not looking forward to this winter.

  • Hi Shazzer1976 - I have always dreaded the winter seasons and have done all the above that you guys mentioned. Initially thought it was just me always having a moan - now I know differently. Will I be able to deal with winter better aside from going away on holidays? doubt it! :-(

  • Why isn't 'Move to South of France' not available on prescription?

  • Shazzer1976 - for the first time since Sept 20th, I have laughed. Thank you for making me laugh - going to South of France :-) In answer to your question: we would be told "sorry, we are not sure that your symptoms falls within this category and besides, we don't have the resources". hehehehehe :-)

  • Thank you for all your replies, and glad I made you laugh denden.

    I will get a hat.

    I like the idea for the dressing gown with the hood and will be on the look out for one.

    Also glad I am not the only one who struggles to keep warm instead as well as out, said here with a fleece blanket over my knees and my heat gen long sleeved top from M&S on under my top!

  • I cover my head and ears throughout the cold months. As a matter of fact I wear head wraps in different colours to match or blend with my outfits throughout the year. I create all sorts of styles which look lovely whilst keeping me warm. Yes, it is true that a lot of body heat is lost from the head when uncovered in the winter. It makes a lot of difference when the head and ears are covered. You can get lots of nice knitted hats, scarves and gloves in all the cheap shops so you don't need to spend a fortune. Leggings and socks under trousers, jeans and skirts are also a must for me in winter. Mustn't forget the thermal vests or t-shirts to keep the chest and back warm. Don't worry about old wives tales, we have to do what we have to do to be comfortable.

    Good luck!


  • Does anyone know of good knee warmers? I have some that won't stay up when I'm at work - they always end up round my ankles and my knees couldn't be described as skinny!! Stocked up on thermal tees and leggings but knees still groan and creak in the cold.

  • Heat definitely rises and you can keep much warmer covering your head. Wear what is comfortable and warming.

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