hiya i was just wondering if anyone knows what u can takes when u have a cold as ive heard you can't take lemsip with raynauds as it can make it worse or something like that,so i was wondering if anyone knows what you can take ive also got a very bad painful throat as it hurts when i swallow and when i don,t it also feels like ive got a lump or something in my throat but im hoping to go the docctors this week to see what's causing my painful throat

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  • I've never noticed any difference after taking Lemsip; but if you are worried , good old Honey & lemon with or without a couple of soluble aspirin, is even better. Also for the sore throat a spoonful of liquid is honey is very soothing. The lump feeling you're experiencing is possibly just a build -up of phlegm in the back of your throat.

  • thanks for the advice well i went the pharmacy and i asked them and they said it is true that u can't take lemsip with raynauds cause some of the ingredients thats in it

  • I also take lemsip, there are a few things we cannot take but we have got to have something !!! You can always ask the Pharmacists at your local chemist, I have had their advice on many occasions x

  • yeah i,ve been told that aswell so i always ask people be for i take anything when i get bad i asked my pharmacy and they said that i can't take lemsip with havig raynuads x

  • It is recommended not to take cough and cold formulas that contain any form of phenylephrine. Lemsip appears to have several formulations; ask the pharmacist if it is not clearly printed. Phenylephrine contributes to vasoconstriction, so it should be avoided. Feel better :)

  • thanks for the info i asked the pharmacy and she said i can,t take lemsip with having raynauds so i will try having honey and lemon and see how that goes and thanks :)

  • Never heard of Lemsip being bad for Raunaud's. Can't think why it should be so. I have the 'flu as well and conjunctivitis. I take Paracetomol. Make sure to see the doctor as soon as possible, but if you have a viral infection (green discharge from your nose or cough) antibiotics don't help, but if it is bacterial (yellow) you should have antibiotics as soon as possible.

  • ohright have'nt you i asked the pharmacy and she said that people with raynauds can't take lemsip i had a look on the leaflet aswell and that also said the same thing i went to see the doctor today about my bad throat she said my glands are up and that i have a viral infection so she gave me a presciptsion for some paracetamol and gotta go back if it does'nt get better and thanks for the advice

  • I'll bear the "no Lemsip" in future. In the meantime stick to the hot lemon and honey. (you can also do your own varations as well, i.e ginger I even use a soluble vitamin C tablet instead of lemon sometimes ,as I also suffer from acid reflux).

  • I too reccomend hot lemon and ginger with honey- a great decongestant and soothing for the throat. And yes I had read and been told not to take Beechams and similar products.

  • How funny i am having the same problem. i have a horrible cold sinus pain etc etc. i asked my pharmasist (i already knew about the raynauds no cold remidies thing but i was hoping there was somthing i could take) she said it would all be fine and that i should avoid asprin (she was talking rubbish!!!). i took the sudafed and my nose feels better but my hands and feet have frozen (they are not joking when they say it effects it). all clouds have a silver lining as my freezing extremities are good for cool the rest of my body that has a temprature.

  • Hi have read in a book a friend has a got readers digest foods that harm and heal - i think, though i am not sure, said that those with raynaud's shouldn't take decongestants. I can't take them anyway as i suffer from nosebleeds. Plenty of rest, fluids, wrap up warm. Take care hope you feel better soon.

  • i have that book.its very good.. about lemsip it does say on leaflet not to take if u have raynauds but dosnt say that on hot lemon,,,altho still a decongestant ??

  • I have secondary raynaud's and seem to be getting more colds and taking longer to get rid of them- is it just an age thing or to do with a rubbish immune system?

    By the way I can vouch for honey,lemon and ginger as soothing

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