Dips and ridges in nails

Dips and ridges in nails

Does anyone else suffer with horizontal dips and ridges in their fingernails?

At first I thought my nails might have been affected by psoriasis but they look nothing like nail psoriasis and the doctor is clueless.

It started getting worse this year and affecting more nails, I had big round dips in two of my nails at one point. My nails are very thin and bendy, so they peel and break quite easily.

I have never really worn nail varnish as it makes the ridges more obvious, but recently have been trying shellac to make them stronger so they can grow - mostly this disguises the dips......but as you can see from the photo it doesn't get rid of all of them!

Anemia has been ruled out, so I'm thinking it must be the Reynauds that is causing it.....although I have been diagnosed for 25 years and it's only got really bad this last year?

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  • Any kind of ridges/dips/bends in the nails sometimes indicates lungs function problems. I say sometimes as your GP might disagree as this diagnosis is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Having spent some years in nursing I believe there is a correlation.

  • Thank you for your reply

    Perhaps I should have a lung function test? I used to get them at work where I was previously but haven't had one for about 4 years.

    I don't feel that there is a particular problem with my lungs, but ever since I was diagnosed with Raynauds at 15yrs, I also have days where I feel as if my chest 'has gone to sleep' so I'm really lethargic and it feels like an effort to breathe - this doesn't happen that often though.

  • I have ridges on my nails too...no dips but clubbing has occurred over the past year on toe nails as well as fingernails. I was recently diagnosed with Systemic Sclerosis which has affected my lungs ...three types of damage...so you might be right on the nail ridges and lung damage correlation Sazzleb.

  • I have them too . Nails are nails .I like then clean and short . This morning had first lung appointment . But ridges on finger nails donkeys years long before knew had scleroderma

  • Thanks guys -

    I'm not liking the sound of this..... but it sounds like my nails may be giving me forewarning of possible future problems 😔

  • My toenails have horizontal ridges - they were particularly noticeable when I was taking Methotrexate so maybe just the toxins in some medications because I'm very allergic to many drugs. Plus I also have pink halos around the tops of all my nails. I was told by a dermatologist that this was because of my circulation problems. I can't grow my nails long ever - even if I wanted to which I don't because I hate broken nails and I'm an artist so use my hands constantly. I just keep them short and have given up worrying what these things might signify. I don't use any nail varnish or protector as have read these make the nails worse in the long term.

  • What do you mean by pink halos? I have a dark pink band beneath the white tip but my gp said it was trauma from typing.....

    I like to try and grow my nails a bit because they look nice when I'm doing tarot readings, but long nails don't really suit the rest of my life either lol

    I've never had pretty nails and if I don't get shellac varnish then they just split and peel 😔

  • I can't really describe any better because it's something only I notice. It's as if the top of the nail surface has dark pink halo under the nail where it's still attached to the nail bed - ie under the nail.

    I'm an artist and my nails are always thin, split easily and are usually short or chipped - currently with bits of white paint on them from decorating.

    I've never cared too much what they are like although I occasionally file them or stop at a nail bar if I'm in for a long wait in an airport or something. I have various connective tissue problems and diagnosed with RA and hypothyroidism so guess a few X bits of me reveal this more than others.

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