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Why are my hands swelling at night?

I'm not sure if it is the way I am sleeping, maybe laying on my arms, but my hands are swollen in the morning. My fingers feel large and fat. I cannot get my ring off when normally it slips right off. It is also difficult to make a complete first with my hand. After a little while of moving my wrists around and flexing my fingers; opening and closing them, I am able to get my ring off. It takes about an hour for my hands to feel normal again.

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I had this for a long time. My doctor explained the damage to the capillaries in the hands means plasma fluid leaks out into the hands and because whilst asleep you don't move so when you wake and start moving the muscles speed up the reabsorption of the fluids x


You need to go to your Dr's and have him reference to a R.A. specialist . You sound likes you have some kind of arthritis . I have severe arthritis in both my hands, and they do the same thing every day . I put my hands under really warm water to help me get some mobility back . I have Raynauds with this also . Please let me know what you find out .Thanks

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I get this too mostly in the summer/ when the heating is on so when my hands are warmer anyway. I put it down to raynauds as it wears off after a little while?


Unfortunately, my hands remain swollen and sore ..this is what took me to the doctor in the first place....progressed to all my joints and now have been diagnosed with systemic sclerosis.


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