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Reflux problems at night


Hi, I suffer from severe reflux at night. What have others found helpful. Head of bed is on 4 blocks. Am needing three pillows as well but if my back is not straight I get backache. If I slip off the pillows I wake with reflux. No longer have a functioning sphincter at base of oesophagus and can’t get a good nights sleep. Never eat anything for six hours before going to bed but have reduced motility so still can reflux. Any suggestions? Worried an electric bed would increase backache as spine would not be straight.

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Hi, sorry to hear that you’re suffering. I too have reduced motility along with a hiatus hernia. I take emozul & ranitidine 300mg for my reflux. I also use an anti reflux pillow which is a triangular piece of foam & 2 sturdy pillows. I bought the pillow on the internet. I found that I was sliding off my pillows when I had a pile of 3!

Hope this helps & you find some comfort soon. X

I’m sorry that is no fun. I get occasional night reflux. I have a lot of the same issues you say you have. I have to be very careful with supplements I take. I had to switch to liquid vitamins as they were glaring my heartburn. Especially my iron. I take my reflux meds in the AM but if I notice it in the evening I can take a second dose before bed and that usually takes care of it. I do have an adjustable bed. I can’t sleep with it really far up or yes my low back gets twisted up but I can raise it enough to make a difference and when I have a huge flare of any of my symptoms including finger pain I usually end up sleeping sitting up and the adjustable bed makes that super easy. Hope that helps.

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Out of interest, what make bed did you buy? I suffer from terrible reflux in the night. I have the wedge pillow and have tried blocks, but nothing works. Perhaps sleeping sitting up is the only way? Ugh...

zivagirl in reply to amc282

I live in the US in Washington State. We got a nectar mattress and we bought the adjustable frame through them. I love it. I can sleep how ever I need to and not bother my husband. right now it is really handy as I just had ankle surgery and it allows me to very easily keep my foot elevated and sit up too. I will say the combo of the bed and my reflux meds at night when needed is exactly what works for me and way more comfortable then stacking pillows.

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Thanks for that. I am in the UK. So, my guess is that I won’t have access to that set up. 😢 I really want a good bed and I have no idea where to start here. I will keep searching. Thank you for letting me know. 😀

zivagirl in reply to amc282

A quick search shows there are options in the UK so good luck in your search.

You sound the same as me.

Most people with scleroderma have reflux.

I have both reflux and slow motility and yes you are right this can cause heartburn without other risk factors such as spicy food and late eating.

My bed head is on bricks.

I have pillows to sit up on but these are not as effective for the reason you state. Back, neck and shoulder ache.

I take lansoprazole at the maximum dose 30mg twice a day. I also take ranitidine twice a day.

I saw a fantastic gastroenterologist at the QE in Birmingham who has put me on rotating antibiotics for my stomach (sibo) small intestine bacterial overgrowth and also meteoclopramide and enterymicine to help emptying. I also take three sachets of moviolas to empty each day. I adjust this as I need.

I also avoid chocolate, acidic fruits in the afternoon and evening. No alcohol and spicy or peppered food in the evening.

I still have episodes of reflux but it’s much better than it has.

Good luck and let us know how you get on x

Thanks to all. I’m really struggling with this too to the point most nights I have to get up then I’m sick. I will see if I can switch to something else as The omeprazole I am on doesn’t seem to work for me. I have improved it by no late snacking but I have to take pills at night n I think this is making it worse. It’s a Really horrible thing On top of everything else we have to go through with pain n mobility issues.

sorry to hear you are suffering with this horrible relfux. I get it mostly in the day and at least three times a day. I am physically sick and the other way. it is really embrassing if you are out with people. Trouble with the Scleroderma pains and the raynauds pains. I dont get much sleep. take care. thinking of you.

Me, too. Still haven’t found an effective way to mange it, sadly. I am trying everything but I think there are some new bits here I can take away and try.

I have an electric bed which I adjust till I can feel myself supported. It has certainly helped me. My slow motility has seen me end up with an Ileostomy and my reflux has improved quite a bit since as I don’t think there’s the pressure there

I have felt worsening gastric problems since shutdown. When I thought about possible related dietary changes, I have drank more coffee (albeit decaf Sainsbury’s pods for the Nespresso machine) and the impact has been scarily horrible. I have had an immediate improvement since I cut it out so dietary changes can make a difference.

I also suffered with bad reflux. I have an electric bed which I couldnt do without as I can raise it up or down as needed. I take medium 40mg beforecegejing meal. I have been on different other medicines but none seemed to make much difference. I found different foods made it worse. I have found that if I take 1/2 or 1 rennie every night just as I go to bed it makes all the difference to me. If I do take reflux I drink hot water. Hope this helps

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