I cant cope right now

hi all, i am really suffering with this cold at the mo,i have secondary raynauds and at work these last couple of weeks ive been struggling, at work we have an open shop front and my hands are in constant pain and ive got chilblains,my fingers are bright red and theres a line right across my nuckles where my fingers are a totaly different colour to the rest of my hands and i dont feel to well with no energy and fuzzy head and all aches and pains, i am only part time but been doing more cause were short staffed,it was my day off yesterday and i had a sofa day with my blanket,this morning i couldnt face another day in the cold,i have to use my hands all day serving customers,filling up the drink cabnet and cleaning, i cant face it! i phoned in sick and my boss couldnt really care less saying everyone is doing 6 days now there going to have to do more to cover me, im supposed to be covering shifts for next 2 weeks,i really feel guilty on my colluges,she demanded i let her know by 3.30 today if im not going in tomorrow,i cant wear gloves at work cause im serving food.i dont knw what to do!! any advise please

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  • Seriously consider a change of jobs is my advice. Life's far too short to go through that every single day.

    There's lots of unskilled jobs that'd suit you better than what you're currently inflicting upon yourself.

    Get applying for jobs that won't put such stress on you, and do it today!!!

  • You really have to think of your health and if I were you I would phone in sick. I also agree with Gindy, start looking for other work. First of all stay warm today and take care.

  • thanks fairy56 feeling not so guilty now,i just couldnt face being out in that cold today as i know im doing more damage to my fingers.really considering a change thank you

  • hi gindy thanks for your reply,im a florist and was for 20 years,when i found out about the raynauds i had to give it up (and that still gets to me now) after 2 years of feeling very unwell i felt i could do something part time, with careful consideration i thought this job in a bakery would suit me well, with hot ovens on all day,its just this very cold snap is a struggle and last 2 weeks have been hell on my poor fingers,im always very careful to keep warm and wear all my layers on at work but i cant cover my hands and they have now given up on me,stiff swollen and chilblains.my boss was so rude and it makes me feel guilty that im letting them down stupid i know!! but im over that right now and gonna be selfish today and tomrrow sod em. thank you

  • Strangely enough vic78 my original career was a florist. Not only didn't it pay well enough unless you were the business owner, but it just isn't conducive with Raynauds...

    That's just life though, and these days I cannot work at all anymore. I am though, as I've said numerous times on here, completely at peace with myself. I'm happier now than I've ever been.

    It's a strange old life..

    Wish u the best, stay warm.

  • wow gindy how wierd!! i loved it,it was my life, it was a small company and i had been there years so my rate of pay was good enough to live on,but raynauds and floristry is not good combo.

    im in a big company now so my rate of pay are badly reduced and im only doing part time, just dont know where i fit in this world with this crazy thing.im hoping im not over the hill just yet im only 38,althouh i fit quite nicely on my sofa with quilt and a hot cuppa right now,

  • I too agree with Gindy's advice. You must re-focus Vic78. Focus on another job that's much more comfortable for your medical conditions. I hope that you have a good support system of family and friends, for you certainly need to reach out to them or if you just have 2 or 3 friends that you'd rather confide in - recruit their support if your funds are running low. If you are going to stay on that job a little while longer, you must be dressed properly to endure the colder temps, you must have good nutrition so your energy levels are high enough to deal with the atmosphere and your service to your job. It is very important that we patients stay calm and as content as possible - stress really affects our complications. We need to be around people and environments that lift our spirits. Are you using warmer tools, like hand warmers, foot warmers - are their drafts in the building and if so and if it's bothering you, do you have your head and neck protected from drafts?? Please think through all that you can on pursuing comfort and less stress. Seeking another job should be a priority too. I wish you the very best Vic78.

  • Hi by law work should asses your needs and give you tasks that don't involve serving food and drinks or you could wear Raymonds gloves sliver by on line and then wear thin disposable gloves over the Raymonds gloves but ideally y employer should give you a health assessment to asses y needs and give y tasks that do not involve the cold

  • It's not as easy as that though, if the employer hasn't got anything else the employee can do, what does one do? I'm off the moment and I am a windscreen fitter outside everyday. There is nothing else I can do. I admit there must be law to stop discrimination like this though.

  • I had the same sort of problem where I told my boss in my interview that I had secondary Raynaud's and that I couldn't work in the freezers or outside but she made me work in the snow and go in the freezer anyways and said that there was no validation to it as it wasn't written down and I had to leave the job it just wasn't worth the pain, if your work allows it try wearing a jacket and if they're being stubborn I would leave, you shouldn't put yourself in that situation you don't deserve to feel in the wrong for having a health problem. Get yourself out of there it's not worth getting sick or ending up in hospital. X

  • I understand that sometimes employers hands are tied with the type of work set, but I think they should show a little compassion and common sense. I think if you're ill with your hands, take time out as the law states you're entitled to 28 weeks off on ssp, depending on how long you've worked there I think. If they lay a guilt trip on you, definitely go off, as stress doesn't help the situation.

  • Change jobs..and if you can go where its warmer climate..I have reyneaud and i notice alot of difference here in vegas..and vegas is not even that warm right now....and get a job out of touching hot or cold..i have tried voltaren on my ulcerated finger..and it was amazing..not cured but out of the woods so to say!!..Nothing surprized me more when my finger ulcerated...could'a lost my finger..So look after yourself..!!

  • That's very sad and by law it would seem you are being discriminated against but any redress is dependent upon the terms of your employment contract, length of service and other factors including disability laws where you live. I wouldn't have it. Perhaps consider a chat with your Rheumatologist/Doctor to teview your medication.

  • The only help I have discovered is what I read from another who said they took Garlic, Gingko and Butcher's Broom. In my mind, I said I would try anything. So I bought these pills on Puritan's Pride. However, you should be able to purchase them at any nutrition store. I take (1) Garlic, (2) Gingko and (1) Butcher's Broom pill(s) each morning and the same in the late afternoon. Been doing this for three days now and the severity of the Raynaud's has subsided by at least 50%. Try it and keep your job. Don't lose work over this.


  • Hi Vic. Shocked and concerned by your reading your post. My boss back in the olden days used to say things like that, laying the guilt trip etc. My Raynaud's came on last year, but in my younger years I suffered be severe back pain from being constantly in the back of a transit van where you couldn't stand up straight. When I called in sick once, they said the very same thing. Call in mid-afternoon and tell us if you're coming in tomorrow, I laughed and said, I'll get my crystal ball out and tell you now shall I? They did get shirty with me, but my health is MY health, just as your health is YOUR health. I'd call acas and see how you are legally, as surely they can't do or say this. I've been off since November with my Raynaud's and at the beginning the were great, but now I have to take my van back, come home in a hire car and they'll see what the doc says. No one knows what the future holds, but wish you all the best and hope your symptoms give you a break.

  • thank you to everyone for all your replys,i relise now major changes are needed!! not sure what and how right now but 2017 im thiking of myself.I have called my rhemuy nurse and she suggested iloprost so ive booked that for 27th feb,so i may get some relief as i feel this has been a constant raynauds attack for last 3 weeks,not taking the nefidipine or lorsartan as it upsets my stomach and makes me feel dizzy,thanks again there is some very helpful comments here that i will take on board,all the best and keep warm

  • Have previously said that I am now taking Gingko (for circulation), Butcher's Broom (for opening of veins) and Garlic (for general health). Read from another that they took this and it reduced the severity of Raynaud's. I am 64 and started taking this 4 days ago. The pain has been reduced. Anything to lower the outbreaks and reduce pain is a plus.

  • I know it is a stupid statement, but we all have to wear winter gloves to keep our hands warm due to the painful Raynaud's, is there a chance your job would let you cashier rather than serve? Or work with you when it comes to cold drinks even,? You may have to find a different job due to your illness.

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