Red puffy fingers?

Red puffy fingers?

Hello everyone on here this is my first post here so I hope I am ok to ask a question as I thought it the best place to ask. I have had Raynauds for about 2 yrs but I think it was developing for a few years before that, I now suffer with Hashimotos , osteoarthritis , dry eyes & high BP. My legs are full of thread veins & I have livedo reticular ( think that's what it's called)! A web like pattern all over when it's cold. It's my fingers that puzzle me as they are always puffy and bright red at the ends. I only get one finger that goes completely white the others just get painful and patchy. I also get it bad on my feet. I am not over weight as I am 5'4" & 9st 10lbs female & 54 years old . Could anyone enlighten me to why this is a constant feature? Many thanks in advance


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  • I have limited ScleroDerma With CREST means Raynurds yes my fingers look just like that !What is Hashimotos ?

  • Hashimoto's is the autoimune version of hypothyroidism.

    Castle point I don't have the livedo reticular but I do have Hashimoto's, the spider veins on legs and my toes go bright white most winter nights even when I'm in bed. I also have a progressive small fibre neuropathy and RA. My finger tips go red as though dipped in raspberry juice when cold and are very shiny under the nails now. I tend to think this is all part of some connective tissue problem for me. I see a rheumatologist and a neurologist. If you haven't already I would try to see a rheumatlogist who specialises in connective tissue diseases including Scleroderma.

  • I have an RA dr treating me just never heard the word Hashimoto's some of my toes and fingers go white than purple not my veins thu !My RA Dr told me so much stuff i couldn't remember it all thats why i joined this group!thanks

  • Hashimoto's is an autoimmune thyroid hormone deficiency which affects your metabolism. By causing fatigue and a host of other symtoms.

  • Thanks for information

  • Hi Castlepoint, welcome to the forum. Please feel free to ask any questions, there are many people here who can answer you.

    What you describe is the beginnings of Raynaud's, the classic symptoms of White finger and bright red fingers, hands and feet.

    The effects are perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about.

    The causes are coldness, damp and windy weather. Raynaud's sufferers are extremely adept in distinguishing the slightest temperature change. This is why your hands turn bright red. It is also why your feet are affected too.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with weight.

    Has your GP prescribed Nifedipine or similar? This may help you to at least tolerate your discomfort. If your hands and feet drive you mad and you feel like scratching annoying itching, soak a cold flannel and cover the affected areas for a short period of time. Scratching is a very bad plan.

    Hope this helps. Take care.

  • Thankyou titanicus,

    Nice to know there are so many people out there to answer my queries! I wouldn't have thought a cold flannel could help Raynauds though. or do you mean the itching? I don't get that just pain in my hands when it is cold and feet for that matter, I also suffer from Fibro which does not help matters! Thankyou again for your kind response and take care to you too.


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