leathery peeling fingers

I have had Raynauds for 30 years but it was mild. This year I was taking Sudafed and I think this caused it to worsen in my fingers..they are very leathery(mostly the indexes)and peely and very suseptable to cold..even in the house I am constantly running them under warm water. I stopped the Sudafed, started eating a few cloves pf garlic a day(circulation)taking an aspirin(circulation and heart health) and taking an omega three also. It seemed better but now is very leathery again(the indexes) This has only been going on for a few weeks..is this normal or should I worry abpout Scleroderma? Whenever they peel(I do help them do this and that doesn't help)the skin feels all normal again until the next moring.

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  • One of the worse things to do with Raynauds is to put them in water. I have Scleroderma and have to keep my hands out of water and moisturise well after washing etc. I doubt its Scleroderma just very over dried skin!

  • You don't seem to have medical advice. Be referred to a rheumatologist. I agree with inkedup, you don't need water, you need cream. Good luck.

  • Don't warm up in water. Go to your GP and get some cream. Keep up with Omega 3 and Evening Primrose oil to keep joints supple. GP may also give you adalat to take.

  • They alwasy say to put your fingers under warm runnning water when they are cold. they stop hurting and the color comes back. I use gold bond intense and massage them too. Its not just dry skin..i'm pretty sure it was from the sudafed..a decongestant..which I just read makes Raynauds worse.

  • Hi Jillian

    I learnt a very old lesson a couple of days ago - was out for too long fingers got very cold (Raynauds attack) - Oh, I thought I will quickly run them under warm water - BIG BIG MISTAKE - the pain was awful made bought tears to my eyes - took ages for pain to go .... Never again let them wardm up naturally still hurts but not as much as the warm water trick......

    ALso, I agree with enabb to seek Prof.advice ..... You can also get paraffin wax for your fingers - you melt the wax wait for it to cool, cover fingers wrap and leave on for a few minutes. Peel off ready for reuse - skin is so soft.

    Ask your specialists nurse if you are already under a Rheumy or ask you GP.

  • Decongestants make raynauds worse. Also, the pain medicine Nucynta made my raynauds much worse.

  • thanks anteater! I never have pain with mine except if i'm out in the cold too long or driving in the car in the morning as gloves only make them worse and i have to put them near the heater in the car. They just tingle when they are warming up. I'm not employed but have health insurance its just I cannot pay to go to a specialist at the momentas its still costly with the co payment and any meds they may prescribe. So I'm trying the nest I can on my own for the moment... ..thank you to everyone that has responded..I learn something from each and every one of you! I assume I can buy paraffin in the drugstore?

  • Jillian - do you live in America? I think then maybe your GP may be able to prescribe for you - here in England, I believe you can only get it on prescription! Its not just paraffin but a parafin WAX.......... You could always email the Raynauds and Scleroderma association here in England who may be able to advise where you can obtain this wax. Good luck

  • Its used in salons here for softening the skin so itis probably over the counter. I will look at the drugstore as I do not have a doctor right now.

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