Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK (SRUK)

Blood tests have indicated that I have antibodies present that indicates scleroderma. Is it possible to have these without any symptoms?

The presence of these antibodies was discovered several years ago because I had been going to the doctors about joint stiffness. I had lots of tests in hospital where the looked at my heart and lungs etc. but I was told that they couldn't find any problems and the matter was not pursued. However I often wonder if I should be being periodically monitored to see if this disease is developing? Any advice please?

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I agree with you.


There are plenty of folks out there who have positive bloods for Scleroderma but have not symptoms. As well there are others who have very disabling Sclero and negative bloods. Read up on the symptoms of Sclero and if you start to show signs of anything then talk to your GP and get a referral to a Specialist.


Scleroderma is diagnosed through exhaustive tests spanning over 12 months. This involves your consultant chest specialist at the Hospital, in the first instance.

He will initiate many medical tests which will ultimately produce a diagnosis. As I say this takes at least a year so you need to be patient.

Ask your GP for a referral, and he will be able to begin the procedures which will give you a definitive prognosis. Periodic monitoring is advisable as a matter of course. Regards.


Yes yes yes!!! I was the same as you, I was diagnosed with reynauds (due to blue fingers in cold) and found schleroderma in my blood test. For 17 years of having it, I kept denying it as I had none of the symptoms etc but it the last 6 years I have experienced so much from

Schleroderma and I am now monitored often. Please do not let go of the monitoring as it creeps up on u when u least expect it and its horrible. Good luck


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