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Heated motorcycle gloves

I have just been out for a motorcycle ride in temperatures below 10 degrees and tried my new Gerbing XR-12 heated motorcycle gloves with the 4 heat level controller. Brilliant, you can really feel the different heat settings and maximum is properly warm. I have tried two other brands previously and whilst they may have been OK for people with normal circulation these are the only ones I would recommend to fellow primary Raynaud's sufferers.

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Thanks for the tip.


Hi somerby, where did you get your heated motorcycle gloves from. they sound the job for me. cheers. j.


Hi j

I got them from Gerbing's stand at Motorcycle Live at the NEC but they are available direct from Gerbing on line or from retailers like Bykebitz. I am not connected in any way with the manufacturers, just wanted to share this with fellow riders.


Hi somerby,

sorry i have not got back to you not been to well , lot better now, Thanks for tip. j..


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