Wondering if any one else has this problem???

Hi Everyone, I have a question and it might sound odd the other day I had to have blood test done. The Nursers said it would be a sharp scratch when she put the needle in my arm but to me it felt like a knife was going into my arm and not a needle which made me jump. I'm wondering if anyone else who have Raynaud's has this problem or not.

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  • Hi yes i get this, im not sure whether its related to raynauds though. I have this in the dentist too, it is so bad i have to have numbing gel as well as a numbing needle. It was painful but my mum just said i was a wus. I think its just a feeling, i think, well me and my mum think, that i may have fibromyalgia which is where u constantly are in pain and ache, it might be something to do with this??

  • Hello, they always say "sharp scratch", when it actually hurts like hell. I have Iloprost every month which means a blood test and a cannula every time. The nurses who do the cannula are doing it all day long and are very experienced, doesn't usually hurt as much as the blood taking. Some nurses are just better at doing it than others.

  • Get your GP to prescribe you Emla, brilliant stuff. You can't feel a thing! Also ask them to use a butterfly as the needles are smaller xx

  • Hi I am exactly the same - small sharp scratch my a** !

    I have diffuse ssc as well as raynauds and after 16 years of blood tests they still hurt.

    I was called a drama queen by one of the phlebotomists a year or so ago - she was new and after she called me that, I calmly and very assertively told her about my condition and the skin involvement. She is now my best friend, haha, although the last time she took my blood she gave me a bruise, so I now opt for her colleague, but in a jokey way, so as not to offend ! I also ask for a butterfly needle, and get fobbed off that they are all the same blah blah. they have stopped telling me that they are using a butterfly needle when they are not, as the pain is the indicator, resulting in my vocal volume being louder ! I dont scream as such, and I certainly dont do it intentionally, but it is quite a loud involuntary shriek if they dont use the butterfly !

    However, I agree - it depends on the individual and how experienced they are. I also try and make sure that I am warm and have moisturised my skin to try and get it as soft as possible, if I am due a blood test ! Whoop Living the dream :)

  • HI I can relate to this also I've never had a problem with needles hurting but always colapsing veins when they try and get blood but when this all started 2yrs ago i had a blood test done and i absolutly screamed the F word with the pain in my arm never have i expereinced that feeling it felt like my arm had been cut through deeply even when they took needle out i lay crying for 5 mins inshock with how a needle could cause so much deep pain the poor wee nurse called another nurse and could'nt understand what happened it was my right arm.. so from then i also ask for butterfly needle and get blood frm my left arm its a wee bit better i try and explain to nurses b4 the do it that its very painful but they dont really know how painful nor do i think they believe me they probly just think im afraid of needles which im not but yes it must be somthg to do with our veins and our pain threshold i dont really know why its crazy pain i wish someone could explain it so it looks like ur not alone on this one ;-)

  • i am so pleased to read this message and know for sure i am not a wimp , i get treated like it all the time despite explaining its like puncturing a rubber ball with a blunt needle

  • Thank you Everyone, I have a lovely bruise on my arm now from the blood test which means I have to speak to my GP when he gets back from holiday as I refuse to see anyone else apart from my own GP as you feel like you have to repeat everything all over again. I am going to ask about the cream and the butterfly needles when I next have a blood test in 2 months time with the same Nurser and making sure I have my hubby with me again

  • Iv always bruised when have any needle / bloods done. But never have they caused pain. But did how ever had a tattoo on each wrist few years back after my daughter had one done and said it wasn't painful. I felt as tho my wrist was being chopped of with pain and yes cried. And had to still go ahead with the 2nd as i was having my childrens names so not like I could av stuck at the 1. Cried for hours after and my daughters ARM was cut where I had been pinching her trying to ease my pain. I have since asked other did they ginf it unbearable pain and they laugh at me sayin I am mard. so I'm glad I read this now as I no its not just me being mard. Thank u.

  • Very important to be as warm as you can be before you have blood taken for whatever reason otherwise they will have trouble finding a vein! It took me a while to work this out but if you think about it, if your Raynauds is activated because of the cold, your circulation is being diverted away from your peripheral body parts in order to "save your life" !! So wrap up super warm before having blood taken if you know in advance this might be a possibility. Wrap up super warm anyway!

  • One tip to make it less painful is to drink lots of water before giving blood. It is a proven factor that this works and was told to me by the nurses. I have about 3 blood tests a week at the moment and I know what you mean about a short sharp prick feeling really painful if I have forgotten to drink water.

    Hope this helps - worth a try anyway.

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