Anyone else like this?

Anyone else like this?

When I have my feet lowered for more than 10 minutes, my feet turn blue with blotchy red. When I raise them, they go back to normal within a few seconds. I recently did the test where they put your feet in ice and measure the blood flow compared to before. It was normal. However, by the time they raised my feet and reattached the bands, my feet looked normal again. Does anyone else have this? Is it Raynaud's if you do?

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  • Yes I have this too. Don't know why though. Livedo Reticularis?

  • my daughter has EDS - she has over stretchy collagen. When she stands the blood in her hands and feet pool (they go purple). She is only 19 and has to wear compression tights everyday to help her circulation.

    I have this too, my rheumy thought it was unusual ( wasn't very reassuring) and nothing to do with raynauds.)

  • Interesting. Thank you. I will look into that! I have terrible pain in my legs from this and have to have them elevated pretty much all day. Very limiting as to what I can do.

  • It maybe worth getting tested for Hughes Syndrome/APS and having PAD ruled out. My neurologist wants me to wear compression tights now too

  • I will put it on my list of questions for my next visit! Hoping I can find some relief. Thank you

  • Hi

    Did you find out what was causing this problem? My legs do pretty much the same thing and I have to keep raising them to get rid of the purple.


  • All I've been told so far is that I have some sort of vessel wall instability. No one seems to know for sure what is causing it or how to help the pain so that I can function better. What have you been told?

  • Im sorry to hear that it is still causing you problems. My GP told me that it was just part of the raynaud's but that doesnt seem to make any sense. I should be getting the results of blood tests this week and so might have a better idea of what is going on. Will let you know if I get an answer about the levido.

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