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Dry eye, mouth, skin. Sjrogens Syndrome

Im new here but I am also diagnosed with Sjorgens Syndrome.

I have dry skin, chronic dry eye and nasal passages - and most other cavities in the body.... unfortunately.

I have had a good result with Refresh Gel Drops ( or any Carmelosse Sodium 10mg per 1ml) for the chronic dry eye throughout the day, and the Polyvisc Night Ointment for night times.

I use Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Vera Lotion ( $11.95 at Big W for 1.5 litres) on my whole body, after showering . I smear the whole body with this and it really helps.. moisturise the skin. I was using Sorbelene Lotion before this but have a better result with the Vaseline Aloe Vera one.

I am normally up and down all night with the dry mouth, sometimes waking up with mouth open and almost cemented open due to dryness.

However since Friday last week I have had a good result with a nasal spray ( relatively new to the market in Oz) which were sold to me by my dentist to naturally open up the nasal passages which were very dry and almost closed in my scan results.

The scan was performed by the dentist and has saved me going to get a sleep apnea overnight test - yeah..............

The nasal spray is called XCLEAR with XYLITOL and I am amazed at how much better sleep I have had since using them 3 nights ago.

Anyway hope it helps someone out there.


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Thanks Bubbles22, great to know about this and will write that one down. I've lately been using Sukin moisturiser, lime and coconut (chemist warehouse) which I find fabulous. I can also recommend the Moisture Restoring Night Cream in the range for face which has completely sorted my dry lips which I've had trouble with for years. Good luck and hope you continue to sleep well 😊


I have the same issues. But use coconut oil in the shower and mix with lotion from wholefoods that has no sulfates. I also take cod liver oil tablets before bed that also helps with skin and eyes. Good info thanks for shareing.

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Thanks for the information Bubbles. And Welcome to the board. I also take Pilocarpine for the eyes, nose and mouth. It's pretty effective...


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