Dry eye treatment

I saw a story on channel 9 about a new eye treatment for people with dry eyes. So I found a local optometrist and last week I went to Clearsight Optometry in Ballina and had a treatment using an e-eye IPL laser to activate the tear glands again.

The optometrist said that mine were the most severe dry eyes he had seen but he still thinks he can get at least 50% tears back into my eyes.

He told me things other optometrists haven't mentioned and showed me on video how swollen the tear glands were. To get the swelling down I need to use a hot cloth on my eyes night and morning for 1 minute. I also have to use antibiotic drops for 2 weeks and put Opti-mel Manuka honey gel twice a day. Also 3 x TeraTears Nutrition capsules in the morning.

I need 3 more laser treatments and I hope to have 50% tears back... maybe all. I'll keep you updated each treatment. The optometrist I used can be found here clearsightoptometry.com.au and more info here dry-eyes.com.au

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  • Good luck with the treatment Bev, I shall be very interested to hear how you get on.

  • Do you know if this treatment is available in England?

  • dryeyecentre.co.uk/

    Let us know how you go!

  • I don't know Google E-Eye

  • Very interesting I will definitely be following your posts, really hope it proves successful for you!

  • Not many places you can get treatment in Sydney. Google E-eye

  • Hi Beverly,

    I am so keen to hear how your treatments going? Are you getting any relief from the dry eyes yet?

    How frequently do you have them? How long after each treatment does the swelling go down?

    I am booked in to see an ophthalmologist in Brisbane tomorrow about starting treatments myself.

  • I have had 3 treatments, I have 20% tear film back, the ophthalmologist was really pleased as he said my eyes was the worst he had seen and I don't go back for 3 months but your eyes do not swell and the treatments were a month apart.

    Good luck for tomorrow.

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