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hi there i have had dry eye quite badly but only in my left eye. I tried the various drops but none helped. An ophthalmologist inserted a punctal plug which did help for a few months but then fell out.A larger one was inserted but did not provide any relief. I consulted a Chinese herbalist in desperation and took Chinese herbs for over 6 months. I was also on a double blind clinical trial for 3 months but as yet do not know if I was on the 1500mg Krill, 1500mg fish oil or the placebo. After the end of the trial my eye was getting worse so I decided to take both fish oil and krill. I take 2000 mg fish oil in the morning and 2000 mg krill in the evening and wash my lids with soap in the shower each morning. This has made a dramatic improvement to the point I do not even think about my eye anymore. Also I do notice there is more fluid in the eye so the eye does not feel as dry as it did. The symptoms of pain, scratchiness, itchiness something in the eye etc have gone. I also endeavor not to rub my eyes. Hope this helps. The Chinese herbalist also advised not to have alcohol, sugary foods, spicy foods and deep fried foods. I have found that these can impact on the eye especially sweet and spicy foods which I minimize. Natural sugar in fruits is Ok.

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  • Very happy to hear you have had a happy outcome with your dry eyes. I'm vegan, so won't take fish or krill oil supplements, I have heard mixed reactions to these, some say great, others say they oxidise in your body, that's if they haven't already oxidised in the bottle before you start taking them, which happens a lot. Plus I hate hate hate what how the Chinese are the biggest cause of poaching beautiful animals. Screw them.

    You also make no mention of dry mouth or any other symptoms, so I wonder if you have Sjogren's syndrome. If you don't, lucky you! I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I have the WORST dry mouth, it's caused so many problems with my teeth and gums, wakes me up at night with a raging thirst which isn't helped by 2 full glasses of water, and holding some water in my mouth as long as possible.

    Hopefully you will have no further trouble with your eyes. If, however, you do, you MAY want to investigate IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments, which target the tear glands under your eyes. $150 a treatment I believe, most people apparently need 3 treatments. If there weren't so many demands on my money, and Christmas time, I'd be giving that a go pronto. You can google this information if you wish.

    Happy Christmas to you, and may your eyes remain shiny and bright! (and well lubricated)


  • Hi Karen! Understand so well your dry mouth, have the same problem. I have spent a fortune on dental treatment and still doing so. It's really my biggest 'ailment' with sjogren's.

    Good luck and Merry Christmas.

  • Cheers for your kind reply. It's the pits, isn't it? My mouth has cost me a fortune! Implants, bridges having to be removed, no end to it. I should have a mouth like a movie star after the money I've spent on it, but very, very far from it. Why, why, why, Delilah?

    Hope you find something that alleviates your problem soon, and a Merry Christmas to you too!

    Best wishes from Karen

  • hi there Karen

    No my mouth is fine only the left eye. thanks for info on the IPL and have a Happy Christmas.

  • Cheers, and may you never suffer from dry eye/s again! It kinda makes my eyes water when you say you wash your eyelids with soap each morning, but hey, it works for you, so great! When I had blephritis, the eye doctor recommended dipping a clean flannel in warm water, and wiping inside my eyes with that, which it did, very soothing.

  • Thanks Karen. Exact same here with bridges etc. I doubt we'll find a cure soon............. All my food has to be bland/mashed too and swallowing is a nightmare! I always think there are people worse off, that keeps me going.

    Merry Christmas from Italy

  • Thanks for those tips and lucky you as Ive tried it all with no success. I also take fish oil and Krill Oil and also Flaxseed Oil along with drops all day. My Opthamoligist recently prescribed me different drops though called HI_LO Forte, which I might say have definitely improved my painfulness of my dry eyes. Perhaps the alcohol and sugar tips are the next best thing to adhere too then!:)

  • I also have very dry eyes from Sjogrens., I use all types of eye drops and always wear sunglasses outdoors. The latest tablet my opthamologist has suggested for me is lacritec, its apparently quite new. You can get it online, I got it from my optometrist. I think it has helped a bit, it may be another option for you.

    Good luck

  • Thanks Anne

    but happily I can say my dry eye is no longer a problem with the krill and fish oil that I am taking. Good luck with the lacritec.

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