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sjogrens syndrome

As I suffered from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (2004) I thought my dry eyes and mouth was caused by right side facial paralysis.(never regenerated)

However, when my teeth started to crack and I could not swallow, my dentist was the one that organised wisdom teeth removal and a lip biopsy (Aug 2012 positive). Half of my bottom lip is still numb. I use Biotene products for my mouth and drops for my eyes.

Just recently started getting sinus problems, dry nose, and pain on the inside elbow joint both arms.

I work in the aquatic industry and find swimming a great body relaxer and the humidity is good for my eyes. Hoping to here from others about this syndrome.


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Dry eyes, mouth, nose, ears and skin make my life miserable too. Also RA etc. Lost my teeth due to Sjogrens they just broke and decayed, denture crucifies me. After years of doctoring I have to believe there IS NO CURE. eye drops all the time bathing etc for the ocular rosacea and so it goes on. the only thing that helps my mouth a bit is chewing gum so I look like an old cow. I hope you have more luck with your docs. Aileen

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I have suffered from sjogrens since 2007. My big problem is my eyes, I am forever putting in drops, I go thru 8 boxes of thera tears per month. I am currently on a detox program with a Doctor who deals in auto immune problems, thru tests I have high mercury and lead levels which can cause auto immune disease. My levels have dropped by 20% so far which has improved my eyes a fair bit, i used to go thru 16 boxes of drops per month. I also suffer dry nose and teeth problems, ggggrrrrr......I find the best thing for me is to try and chill out as much as possible and have just taken up yoga which helps me. I live in Brisbane Australia if anyone is interested in finding out more about my doctor, he has been the only person who has tried to find a cause and not just treated the symptoms, hope this info helps xxxxx to all you suffers, we are not alone


were about in Brisbane are you and the doctor please


Hello Resa, My doctor is at NEMQ (Nutritional and Environmental Medicine Qld) Dr Mike Woodbridge, 29 Florence St, Teneriffe. Phone 07 3831 5111. I wish you well, he is the best thing that has happened to me, good luck.


Hi, sorry to hear about your suffering. I live in the uk but love to know more about the tests you have had done and the diet being recommended . I am willing to try anything and believe that diet is probably the first place to start.


If you’re experiencing permanent facial paralysis as a result of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, there are several surgical options that are usually very successful, including the masseter-to-facial nerve transfer and cross-facial-nerve-transplant. Check out other non-surgical options at:


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