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Hello From Massachusetts!

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Good afternoon everyone. My name's Scott. I will be 53 on January 28, 2021. I was diagnosed with urinary incontinence, due to diabetic neuropathy and high blood glucose levels, around the Fall of 2014. So, I've been managing this condition for about six years, give or take.

I found this forum via a Google search. I'd like to provide some support and some "layman's advice" regarding how I manage my incontinence. At its most basic level, my management protocol involves the daily wearing of adult diapers and booster pads, as well the application of Desitin and Nystop powder. I also have my PCA shave and groom me at least once a week, to prevent rashes and infections.

I'd be happy if any of you were to reach out to me seeking solutions to common incontinence management problems, or are needing any sort of peer support that I could provide regarding, especially, the mental and emotional aspects of dealing with incontinence.

I am a professional church organist and musician, by the way. I live alone in a nice one-bedroom apartment with my cat, Ebony. I hope to meet many of you online, and hear your stories as well. Thank you and be safe!



7 Replies
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Hello from Vermont.

Hello, Scott new here I also dealing with urinary incontinence last few years. My question is trying to fine the best products for my situation regarding underwear have no control over my bladder can you recommend the best supplier of incontinence supplies

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Look on websites of incontinence suppliers and give them a call. Explain your situation and needs. They will give you the best information.

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Also check out NorthShoreCare.com the have very well absorbent diapers. I use the MegaMax due to having complete incontinence. NorthShore Care is awesome, great people, plus free samples that they will give you to trying for free. Good luck with your search.

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Angel at Dependable Daughter has amazing resources.....619.857.3530. She is super easy and patient to talk you. Hope it works out for you.

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hi scott. I used to live in Boston and wear for neurogenic bowel and bladder.

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