Incontinence Product Improvements

While product improvements are always coming to the market for all the different types of products out there to manage incontinence, is there a product improvement that you'd like to see ... or even a product that doesn't exist yet that you'd like to see on the market?

I don't want this to be a gripe session, but if you could tell a product designer, "If you could only fix this ....," what would that one thing be?

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  • I am a side sleeper and I find that most tape on diapers and pull ups the padding does not wrap around far enough. This causes leaks.

  • it would really be nice to see a diaper/brief/nappy designed to offer protection for side sleepers

  • I wish there was a pull up that had padding from the front of the waist band to the back waistband. I'm not fond of all the extra "frilly" elastic around the waist. Having the protection extend out to the sides a little more would also be a plus.

  • I also agree to the "side sleepers" situation where more padding is needed in the front/sides. Also, If companies can continue to utilize more absorbent polymers to keep the diapers thin and more comfortable, that would be great. I also prefer the PE backed versus the cloth backed protection. I finally one company that makes a product like that in the U.S. and I've had great success with their products. But others tend to be getting away from this.

  • I wish there were pull-ups that had plastic covering over the pad but left the elastic sides as they normally are.

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