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Incontinence Product Improvements

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While product improvements are always coming to the market for all the different types of products out there to manage incontinence, is there a product improvement that you'd like to see ... or even a product that doesn't exist yet that you'd like to see on the market?

I don't want this to be a gripe session, but if you could tell a product designer, "If you could only fix this ....," what would that one thing be?

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I am a side sleeper and I find that most tape on diapers and pull ups the padding does not wrap around far enough. This causes leaks.

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oscarbravo in reply to wetone2

Why washable types are great for night time you can get good wrap rounds that cover sides plus if have enough padding at front/below it won't make it to the sides so easily which is the reason disposables fail there.

Wear Rubber/pvc type pants over the top

it would really be nice to see a diaper/brief/nappy designed to offer protection for side sleepers

I use dry 24/7 and it does really ok on my side just wanted to throw that out there

my penis always points to the left whch means I have often leaked standing or laying.

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incon1982Administrator in reply to chestnut7718

I don't know if this would work, but it might be worth a try - and that's an absorbent pouch that fits over your penis. It's made by McAirlaid's and is called X-Top. You can find out more about the product here:

You could call them and ask for a sample, I believe. And maybe you'd still need this with another product to ensure no leaks - but it might really help manage things for you!

I wish there was a pull up that had padding from the front of the waist band to the back waistband. I'm not fond of all the extra "frilly" elastic around the waist. Having the protection extend out to the sides a little more would also be a plus.

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chestnut7718 in reply to pgd-70

I sleep on an underpad anyway so I don't care about leaks, nor bowel leaks out waist

I also agree to the "side sleepers" situation where more padding is needed in the front/sides. Also, If companies can continue to utilize more absorbent polymers to keep the diapers thin and more comfortable, that would be great. I also prefer the PE backed versus the cloth backed protection. I finally one company that makes a product like that in the U.S. and I've had great success with their products. But others tend to be getting away from this.

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drgnguitar in reply to swpa70

For this most products online still have the PE backed such as nortshore and secure x-plus

I wish there were pull-ups that had plastic covering over the pad but left the elastic sides as they normally are.

This would be a nice feature

I would like to see a full taped adult brief with with a hole in the lining to put a man's genitalia directly into padding to stop leaks and rashes.

Buy a better diaper! I used to get rashes all the time now for the last three years I have been buying comphydry 24/7 from xp medical free shipping it protects very very well and I have not gotten not 1 rash in the last three years. And I am both urine and fecal incontinant. Totally eliminated the need for creams as well

Confidry are super and also stop rashes even in summer heat. I use lots of barrier cream after each change.

I was using a new confidry small today and want to report that it was too bulky and too uncomfortable. I would rather change than walk around iwth all that urine and mess.. peeing in the front and standing also made it look too big.

confidry are the best briefs even made - in every sense. I feel most secure deficating in them and they feel ok messy and wet. They fit a 31 waist perfectly and don't chafe in rear. creams don't dissolve the leak guards. When are they making smalls again??????????????

same and even after walking outside in a soiled brief

finally small are available. They are noisier though.

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Have you seen the absorbent pouch for men from McAirlaid's? This could be worn inside a brief and perhaps do almost the same thing as you are suggesting. Just a thought.

Here's a link so you can find out more about this product.

Make the disposable underwear thinner, breathable. Maybe?

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incon1982Administrator in reply to Mitort

You might want to get a sample of TENA's new ProSkin technology products. You might find this lighter and more comfortable. TENA products are manufactured by Essity (formerly SCA).

When I was a kid there were baby wipes with a plastic barrier in the middle so the mess wouldn't go through the wipe and get on one's hands. Is there an adult version still?

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incon1982Administrator in reply to chestnut7718

I was looking at several wipes but none describe this layering. Have you tried to call a major online retailer of incontinence products? They might know of a product for you. You can private message me if you need some phone numbers to try.

they need to make a better brief / diaper with more padding on the sides for side sleepers

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incon1982Administrator in reply to dpcomm1

I have just recently become more acquainted for a nighttime product called GoSupreme from NorthShore Care Supply. This has an amazing amount of absorbency for nighttime wear. I got a sample for a friend who has having problems leaking at night, and this stopped it. It has extra on the sides. You can check it out here and you can request a sample:

It's worth a try!

I would like to see an odor (bowel) indicator so I know when a bm smells to the outside.

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There has been research done on creating something like that, but I don't think anything has made it to market yet .... sure would be great if it did!

Idealy you want one for day times and another for night times would solve much as the needs are far different as one upright so less following to sides etc while other lying down so goes everywhere. ie upwards and sideways plus not walking around so don't need to be discrete.

Plus more esp for night times made of Washable types work far better for night times

I have always wished that there was a full tabbed brief that looked like regular underwear on top so I could hang out side with my shirt off again like I used to

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incon1982Administrator in reply to Dannysproblem

That's a neat idea! Have you ever sent it to any of the big manufacturers?

pull ups and undewear SUCK. THey don't seal, they sag, and the elastic is hot and porous to let odors out.

Have you looked at the newer absorbent wraps that the WOCN recommended? One version is called QuickChange Wraps.

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incon1982Administrator in reply to MMHB1

These look like a great idea for sleeping or non-ambulatory men with incontinence. Thank you for bringing this new product to our attention.

They would be so much more comfortable, I should think. Not nearly has hot, and would keep moisture away from a large area that would get damp with a traditional diaper styled product. Do you have any personal experience with them that you could share?

This is a link to the website about these products -

Although I do not have that particular, I know of patients that have utilized them for nocturnal enuresis.

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incon1982Administrator in reply to MMHB1

Thanks, this is good to know! I hope this is helpful to others in this community, too.

Everyone, please share experiences and news about new products. Because everyone is different and our needs vary so much, we need a lot different products to manage all the different needs. It's hard to know about all of them, and to keep track of the products coming and going in the market. So let's help each other out like this!

Thanks, again!

I would like a wider rear waistband that doesnt fall apart when the diaper is worn, similar to the waistband on Huggies. I would also like to see diapers with a pleasant scent to them like Attends use to have in the early 90s when they were made by Proctor and Gamble. It helps mask urin odor. Speaking of Attends, it would be nice to be able to buy the Attends they sell in Europe here in the US. They have a much more comfortable and absorbent product line in Europe that I was able to wear when I was on vacation. I would also like to see Proctor and Gamble make an incontinence product line aimed at men, like their current Always Discrete line.

I’ve used many different diapers for daytime use and they either don’t hold enough or are too thick to be comfortable while active. The one product that worked really well for me was the Molicare slip, these had a plastic front panel with cloth like side panels and they were unbelievably comfortable!! I usually forgot I was wearing them and would usually only notice when I sat down and felt the squish if they were that saturated. I wish these were still around!!

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incon1982Administrator in reply to PJ15

I wonder if anyone in the group knows of a similar product?!??! You could start a new post and ask if anyone knows of that Molicare product and also knows of something on the market that is really similar to it.

I haven't bought one yet but I am thinking about getting a Swifty Snap it looks like it will help make changes easier

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incon1982Administrator in reply to dpcomm1

This looks really ingenious! Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I'd love to hear how well it works as well.

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dpcomm1 in reply to incon1982

thank you I agree it looks like a great aid for self changes

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chestnut11 in reply to dpcomm1

Has anyone bought it? DOes it work? I'd like to be able to change standing which I can barely do.

if you do please let me know how it goes thanks

since the pulp attends of the 80s with their plastic interior, adult briefs have come so long. I find that briefs fit men better and cup the penis and balls.The guards even catch waste while side sleeping. The most important difference is that as a result of my injury, I don't get erect much which is fine for nurses to change me or to remove brief for doctor. This means that I don't leak much at all anymore. finesteride makes this worse. It's no much easier to be impotent and not worry about leaks and bulges. I'm less ashamed of my small penis that the diaper covering it. What do you think?

i want to see an odor/feces indicator. I'd like to see a box to write the time in of diaper application. And I always want to see non porous sides to contain odor and maintain non sagging.

I love the new colored northshore briefs - it's great how you cannot see the soil or wettness so they don't look gross when used. The tapes are quiet to apply and remove. I wore them with just shorts and a tea shirt. I'd like to see black and clear ones too.

Adult briefs are meant to contain bowel and urine voids. The question is how comfortable are they when full. I've been wearing these briefs for a long time, but they have become more comfortable to wear soiled and wet. Sometimes, I have to sit for a while before I can change or someone can change me.

I seriously do not understand why they do not put wings on pads! This is one of my biggest pet peeves.

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incon1982Administrator in reply to

I worked at a manufacturing company for about 30 years. They truly appreciated useful comments from users like this. I'd write your favorite company(ies) and tell them how much better their product would be if they would add this feature and why. You just never know ... someone might make the change to their product.

And if others wrote (all of your reading this that agree) and requested that too, then we might really see an product improvement!

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