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Looking for someone to identify with and share experiences and maybe even a little hope.

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I'm a 40 y/o male looking to meet someone else around my age also dealing with urinary incontinence issues FOR REAL. I've been on websites like this before but I have never lasted too long because I would wind up having a conversation with someone and it turns out they were only here for fun. I don't care what you do in your own time as long as no one is being forced to do something they don't want to do but don't bother with me please if you're here for fun. I just want to be able to share back and forth some of our dealings with this issue. I deal with a tremendous amount of anxiety, depression and isolation because of my incontinence. I've been driven to near suicide because of it. Fortunately now I seek professional help.

13 Replies

Hi well first lock your posts as many will not reply as unlocked(everyone) means it's spread far and wide by bots where as locked(community only)stays just here.

But you don't say what your issues are as it's a pretty wide subject.

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Hi there LL718. I am also a 40 yr old male who suffers from incontinence. Would be happy to share with you. Nothing fun about it for me. I too have struggled with depression and anxiety and have struggled with my identity as a man. I also deal with debilitating pain and fatigue as part of my bundle of challenges and that too has affected my self image. I am blessed to still be able to be active, which has also had it’s challenges. Many stories, such as taking my son hunting in the woods with his friend and nowhere to change a wet brief privately. Boy did that lead to a bad rash!Please know that you are not alone and that there are others who are in this “leaky” boat with you. Sorry for the joke, but humor is one of the few things that keeps me sane.

Happy to chat more. So glad you are seeking help for depression. It’s nothing to mess around with! I have lost two friends to suicide and it has affected my life greatly. The pain I have suffered in my loss of them and my love for those around me has been a powerful force in my own struggles with wanting to be done with it all. My user name for this forum says it all.

-Pluggin along

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Hey man. I have been dealing with bladder incontinence for a year and a month. I have been wearing adult diapers since. I had surgery over a year ago and the doctor did nerve damage. Ill be incontinent for the rest of my life and I'm only 47. I feel your pain.

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LivingLife718 in reply to Donnie1973

Thank you for your reply.

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LivingLife718 in reply to Donnie1973

My insurance at this time won't cover surgery.

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You are definitely not alone. 45 yo male here and in the leaky boat with this team. Started for me around 13 years ago. Wearing a bulky diaper at work, I'm always concerned about my outline and shape.

Definitely do not think you are alone and seek some professional help for your depression. It sucks the life we have but it is a life after all.

This has been a very professional, informative and understanding forum for the last year or two that I have been watching it. Hope the fetish seekers stay out.

Please feel free to share and ask questions.

Hi there I am 41 and dealing with the same issue. Reach out if I can help.

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I'm 36 and have been wearing the NorthShore MegaMax diapers for 8 years now, all started from a 15ft fall off of the top of a semi truck trailer. Started wearing diapers when I was 28. Took me about 6 years to get over the fact that I would be wearing diapers for the rest of my life. Thanks to my therapist as he made it easier for me to talk about to others. What a difference that made. Helped my depression big time! Seek help if you must it does help.

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do you wear for bowel loss also?

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Yes I do. It's not as bad do to constipation but as soon as I take any kind of softener, it's game over.

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Hey understand what you are saying and I am not abdl i do not get any feelings for incontinence briefs. I a. 38 and have been incontinent of both bladder and bowel since I was 28. It can be.very difficult to deal.with our issues. You can message me to chat anytime ok

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chestnut7718 in reply to Dannysproblem

I'm changing now in the middle of the night which I do every night. It's a bowel and wet brief now.

northshore lite medium brief - full after sleep. Can change myself in shower.
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I'm in the same situation my friend. Been in adult diapers now for a year and five months 24/7. I am still having a hard time dealing with the fact of being diapered again at 48. So I feel your pain dude

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