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Trouble with incontinence briefs at work

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I have been doing some work for extra money and am having a hard time with wearing my briefs because it's so hot and I am always having to bend over or stretch and people can see my brief. I don't like it when people notice any advice on how to conceal myself.and changing at work also thanks

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try to find some long tail shirts or some adult onsies aka body suits that snap at the crotch

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chestnut7718 in reply to dpcomm1

except I went downstairs today in my apt building iwth the two snaps parts of onesie open and obvious

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I would recommend making sure that you are wearing a brief that really breathes well. I recently had positive feedback on how well the TENA Men's products breathe and keep you cooler. You might give them a try - you can get a sample from the manufacturer off their website to try.

And this is a thought because I have the same problem bending over and "revealing my backside", but check out the shirts called Long Tails (I hope I have that name right) from Duluth Trading Company (they are online). These shirts are longer than traditionally cut shirts and keep your backside covered up when leaning over working. They have been great for me. It might be something to check out and try for work.

Thanks I haven't tried those items briefs. I wear tranquility ATM briefs they are plastic backed. I can't really use the breathable briefs due to bowel incontinence I smell too quickly with the breathable briefs also having a hard time finding a place to change I have ended up just working through it and change at home.need a discrete place to clean up any suggestions

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incon1982Partner in reply to Dannysproblem

I don't know what your workplace situation is like. If you have a bathroom for one or it is a large bathroom for many men with little privacy or you only have access to a port-a-potty. What your employer can offer you can vary so much depending on what you do and where you are located! And of course, your employer is also a part of the equation. Do they allow you time to clean up? Do they know about your situation and are understanding and helpful? etc.

So much depends on your personal situation.

I work outside and there is no bathroom. My boss knows about my brain injury and dementia but not about my incontinence. I had to just leave and call him two days ago and said I was violently throwing up and had to go immediately. He was upset but said it was alright. But then he said, where are you I'll come get you to run you home. I couldn't do that due to having a BM and was soaking wet. So I hung up and had to walk five miles home in dirty brief. I had such bad diaper rash I was bleeding. Thinking about quitting. But I'm on disability so that's not enough for me to live on

I wore them as a kid and they are cost effective and excellent. They are also soft and contain feces well. The plastic are better and conceal odor better. the elite care ones contained some bad diarrea last week. I can't change at work either. I would need to law on floor and use wipes and then creams and then a new brief. It takes too long. I was walked in on once. I too have to go home to change.

I have the same problem that changing a bm diaper requires laying on floor, using wipes and gloves and cream and thenputting on a fresh brief. It takes too long for a restaurant.

I have same problem and only wear plastic briefs so I don't smell. My friend who wear plastic northshore briefs deficates and I cannot smell him. So that makes me feel more secure with current products. It also means that I can soil at night and not be woken up by smell.

I wear "tall" shirts so they are longer in the back and they work just fine. In regards to sweating and getting hot, there isn't much you can do because of the plastic backing. Just make sure you wear super dark/black pants so the sweat doesn't show up.

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It sounds like your boss is a caring person - wanting to get you safely home. Because your situation is so difficult, you may need to really confide in him, and say, "This is what is really going on, and I need your help. I am sorry that I have been reluctant to discuss this with you, because it is difficult to talk about, but I really need your help." Let him know you enjoy your work and that you'd really like to continue working for him, but your health issues are such that you need to be able to leave work to clean up when you have incontinent episodes, and then be able to return. Tell him you will be honest about your hours worked. If he is a kind and caring person, the two of you should be able to work out a way to keep you working AND clean and safe. I am hoping he will want to find a way to help you and keep you working for him.

The other thought is to find a job where you can have easy access to a bathroom with some privacy. You may need to carefully consider the next job knowing what you do now, to find something that will work better for you, and your employer as well.

Perhaps others here in the community can help with more ideas, suggestions, and good, constructive thoughts on how to handle this.

Thank you I will think about it. I am just not sure about him. Thanks again

Update I told him about my incontinence while I had my sister with me and he acted like he didn't understand until my sister had to say he wears adult diapers. He got a disgusted face and asked if she was serious and then said I knew you were disabled but not like that I don't think we'll be able to use you right now but I will let you know as soon as I find out anything and that was the end of that be job. I believe that he also told others due to the way others have acted towards me . Oh well I guess that's that thank you for all your help

i was also fired for IC and briefs

Thanks I don't work or Talk to him anymore. He was not a good boss or a real friend. I'm not really sure if I am proud of my diapers but I am thankful to have them so I can live life without everyone knowing about my incontinence thanks for the encouragement

I wear taped briefs to work for double IC. For wet briefs, I can change easily and do maybe twice during day. For bowel movements if they happen, it's harder to change and harder to conceal the odor. I sometimes cannot leave and change. My suggestion is to wear gary active briefs over taped diapers and wear a onesie to prevent sagging. You may want to take nullo to stop odors in public. ALso wear full fit briefs with full coverage so that there's room for the soil. Typically I'll go after getting up from sitting. I use a pillow to stop leak of feces when sitting.

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