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InterStim now with a phone app

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The US FDA has just approved a phone app that can be used to control an InterStim implant. This is a new and discreet way for you to control the implant.

The InterStim, which works kind of like a pacemaker, can help SOME patients with OAB (overactive bladder), neurogenic bladder and bowel incontinence. It does not work with stress urinary incontinence.

InterStim is something that can be tried before being implanted to see if it will work for you. You can wear it and test it for 10 days, and then decide with your surgeon if it's right for you. Also, you should know that if you need MRIs, you will not be able to have this implant.

If this sounds interesting, and you have not discussed this option with your healthcare provider before, you might want to open up that discussion.

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