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TSA (security) at a US Airport and Getting Through While Wearing an Absorbent Garment

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I just saw this post from the makers of Depend, and it is a super helpful list of things to help you get through security without any problems! Please share this with anyone who is nervous about getting through security while wearing an absorbent garment. This should really help.


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I’ve flown a few times since becoming incontinent and have yet to be asked for further inspection and I always have supplies packed in my carry on and I’m guessing they are seeing this more often as time goes on. I would say as long as you follow the guide lines for lotions whatever else you may have is going to be just fine.

I travel a lot for work and I've never had a "bad" experience but I always make sure and change right before I go through security. I do get flagged each time I go through the X ray machine but I just let them know and (knock on wood) never had any issues.

I was stopped ar TSA in a wet and soiled adult brief. I asked to remove it. THey also looked through my supplies. When I removed the brief I happened to pee on the floor

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Good heavens! I guess it is a good idea to always stop at a restroom before going through security and have everything dry before getting in line.

I had wet my diaper and was carrying a ful l bag for the trip. I use 5 per day. They embarassed me and everyone saw my supplies. Then they saw me change in the plane

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