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The Cost of Disposable Products

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There are different ways that you can try to reduce the costs of disposable products. One of course is to use washable products instead whenever possible. But when we are out and about, this is very impractical. And for some, they just don't work. So ... what can be done?

The link to the article below was written mostly for specialty nurses, but it has lots of ideas that can be grabbed and used. Reminder: this article was written for people in the US. We know that the situation on reimbursement and insurance is different in the US than most other countries.

And please, if you have found ways to trim costs, please share your ideas. And remember that your posts are anonymous here on HealthUnlocked!

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Hi i'd always go washables over throw aways anytime far better for night use as can adjust padding/absorbencies to your requirements unlike disposables

Ive had some made to my size i bulk up as need to so can sleep/lie in bed without the worry of leakage!

Team with a pair of likes of Gary pant pvc pants high back comfort elastic as elastics sewn on edge often breakaway and soak through while comfort are covered.

Also have Polyurethane ones and many other types like Rubber plus Snap type for daytime use.

I use an underpad every night. SOmetimes it's dirty. sometimes not./

gary active briefs also/

i pay for my own supplies for bowel and bladder loss and 24/7 briefs. It's about $250

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IWalgreens on the first week of the month has their Certinaty diapers on sale "buy one, get one 50% off. This makes $27. dollars for 80 diapers" Not a bad deal

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incon1982Administrator in reply to 2cyl

Good to know! Thank you!

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The first Tusday of the month is seinor day when you get 20% off, but they run the buy one -get one 50% off all week. I buy the 40 diaper pack and the second one makes 80 diapers.

I use overnight night pull-on cloth diapers. Currently I only bed wet. Initial cost is high, but in the long run much cheaper. I bought 6 overnight diapers from and a couple of pair of Euroflex plastic pants for about $300.00 USD$ over years ago and they are still in great shape. One diaper per night. Hang plastic pants on line to dry and hand wash them every week. Diapers get washed 3-4 at a time. Line dry (takes about 2 days), then in dryer for about 15 min. to fluff them up. Hope this helps.

This is bedwetter669. I forgot to say over 3 years from Fetware.

anyone who has bowel IC and works knows that cloth is impossible. When soiled, I want to get the brief off ASAP And I don't want to keep it. cloth also doens't block odors and it's more obvious under pants.

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Cloth is not always an option - that's absolutely true.

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